10 reasons why playing games on PC is better than consoles

PlayStation and Xbox may get the most attention, but many hardcore gamers say PCs are still the best option.They've got some good reasons for saying so, including having more control over hardware, better graphics, and better prices.Here are the best things about PC gaming, according to a survey of PC gamers earlier this year by video game consultants.

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Festano2096d ago

Really? Wasn't that...obvious?

showtimefolks2095d ago

If you enoy pc gaming good for you but I don't know about better or worst. Let me know when a $299 to $349 pc can runs games at 60 FPS at a decent resolution

That right there is enough to win this point but I don't look at pc gamers as anything other than gamers like me. The machine of your choice should have no affect,end of the day we all love gaming the same

Some of us have a lot less time because of family or work related issues so for us consoles are better since we plug and play. I think one other thing is most of our friends play consoles so it's easy to play together

Mariusmssj2095d ago (Edited 2095d ago )

Between Xbox one and PS4 there is only a handful of games that play at [email protected]

Army_of_Darkness2095d ago

Small towns only have a handful of very hot girls, but that doesn't stop me from having a great time with the average ones either ;-)

alabtrosMyster2095d ago

@LordSane when you add ram, hdd, casing, keyboard/MOUSE, windows a decent cpu along your cheapo video card you end up paying more than for either consoles... obviously if your target performance level is the xb1, you are guaranteed to surpass it every single time with the 750i setup!

Azzanation2095d ago

There is a lot more then 1080p and 60 frames that PC gaming delivers on. Running games at a higher AA and more detail alone is worth it plus there are many console games that don't run VSYNC.. Just to add free updates, no online subscriptions and no need to buy Remastered versions are all great bonuses.

thekhurg2095d ago

The one reason playing on my PS4 is better than my PC.

1. Home theater

That large screen, 7.1 surround, big huge comfortable couch. All way better than sitting at my computer desk.

awi59512095d ago

The alienware alpha does for 400. I have one and it cran max most games on steam.

generic-user-name2095d ago

The same PC gamers who are defending Fallout 4's 'meh-ish' visuals, dated engine and saying 'all that matters is the gameplay' are the same ones constantly harping on about 4k and whatnot.

frostypants2094d ago

I have a PS3, 360, PS4, and a pretty decent PC that is more powerful than any of them.

The PC gets used for gaming the least. Just personal preference. What I don't get is how angry some PC fanboys seem to be when you don't see it their way.

2094d ago
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PSN_ZeroOnyx2095d ago

Like how all these driver ready rigs optimized in advance for Black Ops III couldn't run the game. Install issues, driver issues, mouse issues.

Sounds like the best place for games to me /s

While the PC elite worked to get the game running I've been enjoying it (since the midnight release/day 1 update) on PS4. And it runs great.

nitus102094d ago

Most people here have a PC of some sort but still choose to play games via a console. Basically it's a personal choice.

I don't have problems with the so called PC elite spending money to get the best gaming experience. Doing PC gaming on the cheap and you are basically just a want to be PC gamer. Serious PC gamers are not afraid of spending the money to get the best.

awi59512092d ago (Edited 2092d ago )

I went back to pc because of the console racist and toxic community. No mod support, every thing is too high they nickle and dime you to death. The stupid stupid preorder bonuses. And the consoles put a artificial gate to lock you out of online play. Even north Korea can do multiplayer without charging you. All you need to do is let the hardware connect to the internet your isp connection will take care of the rest. You know what microsoft and sony is doing? They are really putting a boot on a brand new car you bought from them and then they say pay us to take this lock off. Every other car can drive just fine without their silly boot. And that's how silly paying for online play is.

And dont give me that crap about infrastructure that is a bunch of crap Halo ce on xbox could be played online as well with a 3rd party software. You dont need xbox live to play online you need it to unnerf the false restriction console makers put on it.

Relientk772096d ago

We need a survey for that? Lol

ApocalypseShadow2096d ago

One- console gamers play consoles is because they don't want to deal with controlling hardware. Don't know how many times we have to say it but we don't care for doing that or spending more money to do that when it can be spent on games.

Two-If I still enjoy playing Tetris as is, 4k won't change the GAMEPLAY.and graphics cards aren't pushed to their limits by developers. They're always abandoned for the next card. Star Citizen is the only one I see.When do you get to play it? How many PCs will get to?

Three-it's only cheaper sooner with early access.wait a bit on console and that new name will be just as cheap eventually.

Four-console gamer's friends are on console.irrelevant.

Five-console gamers don't buy consoles for operating systems or productivity.we don't want to learn Spanish,use Excel or Word.we don't want to see spreadsheets or worry about what virus program will protect us THIS time.we just want to play games.

Six.consoles have a library of games that arent on PC.unless you are a thief.irrelevant.

Seven-multiplayer works on consoles.consoles have three manufactures competing with different ecosystems.PC is general.

Eight-mods are great. But not all games have mods on PC.and we don't want to have to wait for them or figure out which one works for our game.we just want the main game to work and be fun.

Nine-consoles have exclusive games.That's why we buy them.

Ten-consoles have multiple controller options.and maybe it's just me but (W)hy do my nuckles (A)che (S)o (D)amn much?

OPINIONS don't mean better. They're just OPINIONS.

ArchangelMike2096d ago

Amen brother, couldn't have said it better myself. I used to game only on PC - still do for the classics, but it just became too much hassle financially and technically trying to keep the hardware upto date.

I hated the feeling of waiting months for that killer AAA game, only for the specs to get released, to find out that I would not be able to run the game on anything but the barest minimum specs. So many PC games I bought hoping to be able to run them on minimum specs, only to be hampered by crashes, bugs, frame-rate problems etc etc.

In the end I just gave up and bought a console. My life has been so much more hassle free - and more comfortable. I don't have to worry if the latest must have AAA game will run, I don't have to get a new graphics card every 12 months, I don't have to game in the back corner of the room anymore, I can game on the couch!

I really don't see that I'm missing anything at all by being a console gamer :)

s45gr322095d ago

Survival horror is pretty non-existent on consoles (Kholat, Monstroum, Fran Bow, Stasis, etc. exclusive to PC). Platformers once an exclusive genre to consoles is widely available on PC. Cave story, super panda adventure, freedom planet, dust an elysian tail, etc.started on pc. To play dust an elysian tail you need a xbox one to play freedom planet you need a wii u. Super Panda Adventure is exclusive to PC. Shmups another console exclusive genre now widely abundant on PC like blue flamingo, sine mora, enemy mind, etc. PC gaming is no longer like in the early 2000s. No more cd keys, no more constant upgrades (my Gaming PC still has parts from 2009). I can still play games at low to mid settings. Is going to be 6 years yes 6 years since I upgraded my PC. Completely hassle free, no more manual updating, no more game crashing , no more manual defrag, etc. Consoles are there to con consumers pay to play online, pay $60.00 for old ass games, if PSN or Xbox Live shut down no more online. Only on PC online is always on.......

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nix2095d ago

I buy PS more for its exclusive games than 3rd party games. I do buy few 3rd party games but 80% of my purchase is PS exclusives.

I really don't care about mods.

alabtrosMyster2095d ago

@s45gr32 it really depends on what you play, but games like dust an elisian tale are definitely not 60$ on consoles (I got it for zero as part of ps+) plus cheap games are now available on most platforms, the pan store has great deals on a weekly basis, just like the Steam store... which is not as crazy cheap as it used to be for sure!

Anyway, since I got my PS4 I have not done much playing on pc, a first since the dreamcast days... it's not about the technical problems, these have been few and far a part for a long time now, the console just have a true 100% couch interface that it boots directly into and it has a good enough performance compared to my htpc (which is a baseline gaming machine that is a little better than the ps4 specs wise)... anyway, this is about convenience... however, I use the htpc to run emulators and watch movies ;-)

PSN_ZeroOnyx2095d ago


1) Black Ops III on PC has been plagued with driver issues, install issues and mouse issues forcing PC elite players to hassle with issues to play. And there was Arkham Knight. Though i'm sure all the PC elite thinkthey are both crap anyways which does not explain why people are buying them.

2) Dust: An Elysian tale was a PS+ free give away a few months ago. So no the X1 is not required for console gamers to play it.

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stragomccloud2095d ago

I'm sorry about you're intellectual shortcomings.

MAULxx2095d ago

I suspect he isn't sorry for your "intellectual shortcomings", nor does he care.

GorillaSceptre2095d ago (Edited 2095d ago )

The only argument of yours that has any weight is exclusives.. Which is why i also own consoles. Most of your points make no sense.

So 4k doesn't matter, but 900p and 1080p differences do? Funny with console guys, the ONLY time graphics don't matter is when PC is brought into the conversation.

PC has it's own exclusives too, i prefer the console exclusives, but that's a subjective argument, the point is all platforms have games not found on the others.

Using emulators doesn't mean you're a thief.. You use the bios from the consoles you already own.

Lets not even talk about mods, consoles couldn't handle the requirements anyway, regardless of whether or not you were even given a choice in the matter.

Multiplayer? What the hell does that mean? On PC we don't have to pay to use our internet, and Steam goes down less than Xbox Live, and PSN, while being free..

Consoles have controller options? Actually it's the opposite, on PC you can use a DS4,XB1, 360, DS3, Wii, GC, and every other type of controller you can name or think of. The peripherals we buy also don't expire every generation. Neither do our headsets etc. What controller options are you talking about exactly? You have the choice to use a DS4 on PS4 and that's it..

We all know the only reason consoles exist is so corporations can make money, and because they're cheap for consumers. That's it. But sure, it's just because you don't like dealing with hardware.. I believe you ;)

solar2095d ago

Hey now. The PS4 is a supercharged PC!!

PC is the true "hardcore" gamer platform. And that isn't a knock on consoles, they are great for their purpose. Proprietary hardware, paying a premium for features free on others, sucking as much cash from the consumer as possible.

GorillaSceptre2095d ago (Edited 2095d ago )


I can't reply to you for some reason. Wonky site is Wonky..

Yup, consoles are great for what they are; Mainstream gaming hardware. PC is superior plain and simple, but you have to pay for it, and it can be intimidating for some.

Before the master race come at me saying "you can build a PC for the same price!" Yeah, you can, but then you get a lack of optimization, which means you have no graphical benefit over consoles, and you don't get their exclusives, and let's face it, who doesn't like Uncharted? If you are trying to beat consoles at bang for the buck, then sorry, but you'll lose that fight everyday of the week.

Because i don't kiss Sony's you know what, i have no bubbles on this site, so i won't be able to continue this (i'm sure) perfectly civil and non-serious discussion.


Your past comments are littered with PS4 vs x1 power comments.. Calling the PS4 a "powerhouse" lol.

But now you don't care that PC looks or plays a "little" better? Sure.. And btw, it's not a little. Xb1 vs PS4 is a little. PC is a massive difference.

But of course, your eyes can only spot the huge difference between 900p and 1080p, not the small difference between 1080p and 4k, or 30 frames and 144. Have fun in the console battle, the war was won by PC a loooong time ago.

snoopgg2095d ago

Pc specs shouldn't matter to console gamers, since they game on consoles. Why worry how the game plays on a pc, if your choice is to game on a console. I'm a console gamer and don't give two shats if the game looks or plays alittle better on pc, cause I play the games on a console by choice. See, thats why we console players don't care. Pc graphics don't matter to me.

2095d ago
ApocalypseShadow2095d ago

Ding ding ding.Bruce just hit the bullseye.

Passing off a preference as fact as why PC is better makes a person look stupid.they're different is general,one is dedicated to one purpose.

Sure I use PC.I've upgraded a PC in the past.its not hard.but I'd rather the game just work with no hassle about drivers,updates,meeting system requirements like archangelmike said.

Sad part is all that nonsense that I didn't like PC developers brought to consoles because they are making unfinished games to meet deadlines and cash in on dlc and micro transactions.

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Dynasty20212095d ago

"consoles have a library of games that arent on PC"

2 years of the new consoles says otherwise.

Pretty sure you can list the "worth mentioning" games on consoles that aren't on PC with one hand.

It's a sea of multiplats that, ignoring the shambles of WB with Arkham Knight WHO THEN BROKE THE CONSOLE VERSION in an attempt to fix the PC one, play best on PC.

Stop waving the exclusives flag when the list of games is super small.

You have, what, Halo...Uncharted...pffffffff.. .hmmm....what else...

UnHoly_One2095d ago (Edited 2095d ago )

So what if it is only one game? If it's a game you can't play anywhere else, it's a reason to own that console.

Maybe you won't buy a system for one game but a lot of people will.

Back in the day I bought a Playstation just for Final Fantasy 7.

I bought an Original Xbox just for Halo: CE.

ONE game that I couldn't play any other way was the reason I bought those consoles.

So yes, it's still a valid reason.

nommers2095d ago

To reiterate on 8. If you're not careful Mods can ruin your game and make it glitchy as hell or not even run. The more mods you get, the higher the chance of this happening. Also Steam updates have erased mods I had a few times.

2094d ago
nitus102094d ago

I fully agree with what you said.

I actually don't run Microsoft anything on my PC and all my software is free and legal. My OS of choice is Linux (Fedora 23 to be precise) and I don't have any problems working with people who insist on using Microsoft products.

While it is possible to run "Games for Windows" under a Linux OS I really can't be bothered preferring console games instead and this has always been my preference since the NES days.

For those who say "Linux has no games" please look at games for Android or even Steam and there are hundreds of Web games as well.

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Masterofwiiu3ds2095d ago

Can't we just grow up and stop these arguments? I've been gaming since the beginning of video games at home, and I think it's safe to say that we are in a golden age of gaming. Gaming is great no matter what platform you choose.

Xristo2095d ago

Oh sh*t... here we go again...

nitus102094d ago

Yes, the popcorn is great as always :-)