Battlefield Hardline Premium is brilliant... but you'd be mad to buy it

Visceral has continued to deliver superb multiplayer experiences through Premium, but nobody's playing... on Xbox One at least.

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Yi-Long2092d ago (Edited 2092d ago )

Basically what I've been saying for years; paid DLC like this (maps) for MP games, splits the community up between 'haves' and 'have nots', and too often, unless enough people all bought the DLC, it will often just be (too) empty on those DLC maps to really enjoy that content the way it should and deserves to be enjoyed.

I would rather see them just release 1 version, that comes with all DLC included, but just price it a bit more attractive, so 20 bucks higher than normally (so 80 bucks for game plus Premium). And after a year orso the price would drop to half or something, so 40 bucks. That way you would make sure EVERYONE who bought the game has access to the same maps, ALL of them, instead of splitting that community up.

caseh2092d ago

Add to that the yearly releases, once upon a time a game wouldn't really reach it's true potential until the community had filtered out it's casual user base and the hardcore had stayed faithful. That process took a few years and always brought a community together.

These days, the game has huge chunks of DLC that divide your community then they release another game a year later which divides it further, across multiple releases.

For me it's been enough to convince me that these types of games are now a waste of time.

Yi-Long2092d ago

True for a game like Call of Duty, but Battlefield3 and 4 lasted a few years.

I bought BF3 near launch and played it until the DLC divided the community. The pretty much stopped completely.

With BF4 I waited about a year orso, then bought the game including Premium for 40 euro, and that has been good value for money, although like I said, it's sad the DLC-maps have a lot less people playing them than the base-maps.

If they had released a BF4 including Premium for 70-80 euro, just 1 release, I would probably have picked it up at launch, so you could have been sure everybody would have gotten the same content (map-wise).

Halo 5 seems to be doing that now, ensuring that ALL maps will be released for free to everyone who bought Halo 5. I don't own an XBO, but that's certainly the right kind of attitude I want from developers, and is even a reason for me to consider buying an XBO and Halo 5.