GameDaily: Monster Madness: Grave Danger Review

When it came out last year for Xbox 360, Monster Madness: Battle For Suburbia, for the lack of a better word, sucked. Why? The controls were a joke, forcing you to both aim with the right analog stick and hold down the trigger button to fire. The graphics suffered from constant break up, with jittery animation and horrible camera angles. Fortunately, Southpeak improved its PlayStation 3 edition, Monster Madness: Grave Danger. It's hardly the best monster-bashing game ever made, but it's certainly more enjoyable.

There isn't much to the story, but it lays the groundwork for the action. Four high school kids find their neighborhood overrun by an army of zombies. They must use everything they can get their hands on to fend them off, from living room furniture to machetes. Along the way, a biker-like dude named Larry, who works out of a modified school bus, provides them with weapons, such as nail guns or a homemade flamethrower. It all leads up to an inevitable showdown with the source of the evil.

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pwnsause4355d ago

Gamedaily=spam, we all know this is a 5/10 game. to give this game a 7/10 is like saying that MGS4 was a "little bit" better than this sh*t. and we all know MGS4 deserves a 9 or a 10 out of 10

TheWickedOne4355d ago

Enjoyed the demo, but probably not picking this one up. Even with a small the small price tag of 39.99.