Developers See PS3 & 360 As Equals

Torrence Davis of The Bitbag writes, "As I was making my rounds at E3, I got a chance to talk to many developers. I tried my hardest to get developers to admit that the PS3 was a more powerful platform than the 360. I made sure not to talk to any developers working on exclusive titles, so all of the conversations I had were with developers working on multiplatform games."

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kapedkrusader4352d ago

..They are developing multi-platform games.

"Yes,the PS3 version can make better games, so we tone it down to make both PS3/360 look the same."----Lose all PS3 consumers.

"Yes, our PS3 version will be a hell of a lot better."----Lose 360 consumers.

The only right answer is,"They are both the same." All you have to do is compare the upcoming first party games and then you'll notice if the PS3 is more powerful.

Boink4352d ago

I'm having some trouble figuring out which system you're a fanboy of?

silverchode4352d ago

not everyone is a fanboy.

BlackTar4352d ago (Edited 4352d ago )

Boink your the fanboy. He isn't a fanboy by Stating something like that. What system do you like better " your reply" well then your a fanboy of that system. You see how stupid that is. The youngin are screwing everything up in gaming. His opinion be it favorable to any one unit is not being a fanboy it is being intelligent enough to formulate a opinion fanboys are drastic differences ad close minded fools which unfort. by you r comment i think you are. I cant believe how stupid people get on a yearly basis its ridiculous. video games are walking away from intellegent and running into ignorent now a days. Please use your brain

Sk8boyP4352d ago (Edited 4352d ago )

O_O *Head explodes*

BlackTar4352d ago

Didnt mean to disagree with you. I agree with you these people now adays are like breaking up with answering machine it can only go one way for them.

incogneato4352d ago

I agree, no developer is going to trash either system when they are pretty much planning to make their multi-platform games equal to each other.

Saint Sony4352d ago

They don't tone down any multiplatform because of 360, most multiplatforms run better in 360 anyhow.

Yep comments like this hurts uh?

NegativeCreep4274352d ago

Need proof? Check back on all those new Heavy Rain screenshots that were posted two days ago. Looking at those shots, no one who isn't a total 360 fanboy can say it is technologically-feasible on the Xbox 360.

PimpDaddy4352d ago

The PS3 is more powerful or has better first party developers? There is a difference.

I own both the PS3 and 360. Like I have said before I haven't seen a game yet on either HD console that couldn't be done on the other console.

So yes I do tend to believe the multiplatform developers such as ID that say that the PS3 and 360 are equal in real game performance.

Saying the PS3 is more powerful than the 360 because you own the PS3 and not the 360 reeks of fanboyism.

Saying that certain PS3 games look better than certain 360 games is more mature and acceptable.

See the difference?

kinggeoff4352d ago

you left out the "game looks better on 360" option

funny how that is

Sitdown4352d ago

the article did not give any names of the developers.......they could have given their honest opinion and been anonymous with it.

Real Gambler4352d ago

Wow, every now and then, one dev will talk for an hour, and for 5 second, will say something good or bad about a console, and sure enough, the next day, forget the whole hour speech, the only thing showing up on the web in bold letter is: Dev X said that console Y was better than Z because it's purple (or insert other stupid reason here).

So this guy think he will walk to any dev, seriously ask him which console is the best, and get a real answer? Was he drunk? My bet is: he didn't even left the bar! I really, really pity whoever paid for his airplane ticket for sure. What a waste of money!

uie4rhig4352d ago (Edited 4352d ago )

you are right and i agreed with that post... any game can be done on any console, its called compressing and adjusting the game, hell you can do MGS4 on an n64 but will you get the same graphics? will you get the same game play?
same goes for ANY game, including uncharted, gears, halo, w/e, w/e and even more w/e's ...

its not a question of does it run that game, its a question of what the difference will be..

BlackTar4352d ago

Nice I stick up for someone be it xbox or PS and I get disagrees. I called out someone who was trying to start fights and I lose bubbles that is retarded. Do yo uguys even know what side im on much less yourselves. I dont post much so it doesnt really effect me it just pissed me off that someone was so quick to accuse someone of being a fanboy with there fanboy phaser cannon and i get the disagrees. hell the guy could be a nice guy but when you post nonsense like he did was only to start a war and I lose bubbles it really hurts me to say this but you guys hurt my feelings : )

J/k do whatever you like I was just trying to make a sensible reply to help explain whats wrong with games today.

Did yo uguys even like my ref. LOL

Enigma_20994352d ago

*Looks out in the distance at the flowers blooming in the fields...*

ajeben8094352d ago

if u dont mind getting disagrees and losing bubbles then y are u crying ya nob build a bridge and get over it. lol sick of ppl trying to be the nice guy on here saying oh i dont mind losing bubbles but saying that is crossing the line blah blah bla... no1 cares

mfwahwah4351d ago

PS3 is probably more powerful. That's why they're using CELL processors in the world's fastest super computer: Roadrunner.

It's being used to "perform climate and nuclear weapon simulations." My source is the latest PtOM, and I've heard it before too.

Then again, they may only be using CELL because it can calculate events in realtime, not because of power. Either way it's impressive :]

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The Wood4352d ago (Edited 4352d ago )

but Chuck Norris loves SOCOM

toughNAME4352d ago (Edited 4352d ago )

Barack Obama preordered Too Human

SCThor4352d ago

and McCain plays COD4 on dayly basis, I even Air Strike him a couple of times on Warehouse.

incogneato4352d ago (Edited 4352d ago )

OMG put Jesus in any sentence and it automatically becomes funny! Being a teenager desperate to seem edgy must sure be fun.

vdesai4352d ago

gods son would never support satans spawn. (A corporation is known as one entity, person).

iamtehpwn4352d ago

Even Old Snake said McCain is too old. =P

Surfman4352d ago

Bill Gates plays with MGS4 in his castle.

orakga4352d ago

The Holy Mary just bought a Wii.
Just another old lady buying into the Wii-fad.


Whoooop4352d ago

Peter Moore just tattooed LBP on his left butt cheek...

InMyOpinion4352d ago

Chuck Norris can't play online multiplayer games cause the servers instantly die everytime he tries to connect...

The Wood4352d ago (Edited 4352d ago )

Kicks major ass with King in Tekken

jenzo...true.... pads melt on contact

whoooop... right next to his please come to me solid snake tatt

uie4rhig4352d ago

god played gears of war yesterday...

PimpHandStrong4352d ago

plays what ever Chuck Norris tell him to

Surfman4352d ago

Dr. Doogie can't wait to get into Home Beta, while he waits he play with Uncharted.

EnglishPatriot4352d ago

"God doesn't play gears he plays civilization"


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SuKiT4352d ago

I wish that both consoles were made out of spare-ribs :)

Overr8ed4352d ago

hmm.. must be good ribs. =)

Serg4352d ago (Edited 4352d ago )

The 360 would even fry them for you and 3 red lights indicate they are done!

Sorry, couldn't resist :>.

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi4352d ago (Edited 4352d ago )

Developers Are BLIND!!! :-/
(Well the SONY Haters are, the Lazy W*nker ones!!!)


Viktor E4352d ago

That posted this:

I will require both visual and audio proof of such interviews being conducted with such questions being asked.

Until then,the Compression issues and Outdated hardware found exclusively on the Xbox 360 will forever set it apart from the superior and revolutionary Playstation 3 Computer Entertainment System

Xbox is the BEST4352d ago

you fell for the Sony hype again. HA HA HA HA HA HA

theKiller4352d ago

well thats some Developers that needs some classes to see between the these to animals! one eats the other(ps3) and the other eats plants(360)

tordavis4352d ago

Get a life, I already admitted I was wrong about that. Sorry if Ken Levine had to lie to the public to keep it secret and that's all I was doing was regurgitating what Ken Levine said.

mikeslemonade4352d ago

If you talk to developers that develop multiplatform exclusively normally they're not as skilled. All the savy developers will tell you PS3 is better. And I bet you John Carmack's development team is more skilled than any of the developers you talked to. John Carmack came out and said 360 version will look worst.

ZyKlOn4352d ago

developers talk up PS3's power

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khellendros14352d ago

The objective for developer that work on both systems is to get them to look the same. They are only going to do what's necessary to get it to work. So I don't know if I believe them.