Child Waiting for New Heart Has PSP Stolen

An 8-year-old Colorado boy awaiting a heart transplant had his Playstation Portable stolen by a teenage bully while visiting a relative, deputies said.

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dktxx25339d ago

I say give him the death penalty.

Cartesian3D5339d ago

the story cant be true.. such a sad day..

many times I think WHY? HOW COULD THEY? .. but there is no answer ..

Rute5338d ago

How would a death penalty help anyone?

In my opinion the best way to punish the bully is to make him do community service / work, which produces money to make up for the lost PSP and police salaries, and make the bully wear a shirt that says "I STOLE FROM A KID WAITING FOR A HEART TRANSPLANT" while he does his work, preferably in a crowded area.

Viktor E5338d ago

You will be blessed with both a New Playstation Portable and a New Heart in no time,after you have fully recovered you will then experience the joys of gaming on the most advanced and successful hand held platform available

TheColbertinator5338d ago

Vik,You are too much of a fanboy.Other than that I hope a charity starts so I can donate to the poor little guy

Bangladesh5338d ago (Edited 5338d ago )

You should donate your heart & PSP to this poor kid. Then let Sony install your "godlike" ps3 into your chest orafice. They have already done this to a couple people that act alot like you.

theKiller5338d ago

i cant believe the bots r that mean and haters and blinded!!
u said nothing wrong in ur comment! infact u only said nice and good things to the young poor boy and yet u get an attacks by the bots above me and disagreeing with ur best comment for the child!!
360 and MS can really convert people to the dark side of the force!!
Soul Caliber 4 360 version should have included the sith! it suite them very well instead of master yoda!!

Viktor E5338d ago

We of the Playstation Family will alert local Authorities to place all roaming Xbots under strict Surveillance for the next 24 Hours,such nonsense will not be tolerated

MrWeymes5338d ago

Ah, the open zone is cute.

Strife Lives5338d ago

That bully.I bet it was Miyamoto!

Viktor E5338d ago

Shigeru Miyamoto has the innovative Nintendo Ds to spend his time on,he does not lack a hand held gaming platform to game on.

Don Mattrick,Shane Kim,and Major Nelson on the other hand,are stuck with Zunes

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The story is too old to be commented.