Drake is not the mass murderer, you are

"Nathan Drake is an awesome character in Playstation’s best exclusive series. But the one criticism that Uncharted’s hero just can’t get away from is that he is a mass murderer. Nate is a character with great hair and a clever quip for every situation, plundering tombs and discovering lost wonders with a cast of entertaining accomplices and villains. Yet, some people think the sheer number of people Nate has killed contradicts his happy go lucky attitude.-- PlayStation Enthusiast

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Aloy-Boyfriend2761d ago (Edited 2761d ago )

Drake doesn't have control of most situations and when he kills is in self defense always. He doesn't do it for fun. He just have no other choice. After all he saves more people than he kills.

This character has many interpretations, and to me he is some cocky badass treasure hunter than knows what he does is wrong but does it anyways. Treasure Hunting and discoveries are his passion; it's how he makes a living and a name for himself in this world. ND knows some players may think of him as a mass murderer, and if you notice this is stressed in many of the dialogs. Like when Drake says, ''I never ask for trouble'' to Elena or when jokingly says in the end, ''I save the world.''

crxss2761d ago

nah drake's definitely a mass murderer. you can't progress in situations until he kills every enemy. some of them aren't even engaging him but he'll sneak up on them and choke em out

UserNameIsNotTaken2761d ago

You forgot the part where they're trying to find him & kill him.

TricksterArrow2761d ago

Mario is a mass murderer. Even more twisted if you take into account that reference in which the blocks he destroys are also living "people".

Lara Croft is a mass murderer (the new one).

Shepard is a mass murderer.

Wander from Shadow of the Colossus.

Link can also be considered this.

Actually, I'm having some trouble thinking of characters that are NOT mass murderers.

Yi-Long2761d ago (Edited 2761d ago )

Super Meat Boy would be a non-violent character.

DanteVFenris6662760d ago

@yi-long your wrong my cousin slipped on his meat juice and instantly slid into a saw and died.

miyamoto2760d ago

when xboxers in discussions they hit below the belt and come up dumb ideas like linking a fictional character like Drake to real life massacres

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fenome2760d ago (Edited 2760d ago )

Yeah, but I'd much rather play a game tryin' to get headshots than go around hugging people. It's called gameplay, people always gotta find something to complain about huh? Is this really where we're at now??

I say we stop over analyzing everything in a game and just enjoy the moment. It's called "Playing" for a reason people, just have some stupid fun and don't worry about the reality that doesn't exist in it..

ShinMaster2758d ago

Everyone Nathan Drake has to kill is either a mercenary or pirate out to kill him.

Museum guards in the second game were only knocked out. Even the guy he pulled down from the building, swam to shore.

crxss2757d ago


so because people are trying to find drake and kill him he gets a pass for being mass murderer?

aren't we trying to find and kill mass murderer's all the time?

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Persistantthug2760d ago

Guns don't kill people......

Video game players kill people. :P

nitus102760d ago

I suppose the old adage "Kill before you are Killed" applies here. You don't have to kill anyone in most action games that feature protagonists who are out to get you except your game will be very short if you don't take them down.

The nice thing about killing in any game is when you restart the game all characters are virtually alive and well although usually not for long depending on the game.

ZaWarudo2761d ago

No, he's a sick monster who enjoys genocide. Why else would he pop one-liners during his numerous rampages.

zeuanimals2761d ago

I guess that makes the Avengers genocidal maniacs too. Those poor Chitauri never stood a chance against Tony Stark's quips.

DigitalRaptor2761d ago (Edited 2761d ago )

Let's end this tired debate. Nate risks his life for treasure and glory. It's his purpose from a young age, and I'm sure what drives him will be further expanded upon and wrapped up in UC4. When he encounters enemies, they are not good people working for good people and will attack him first for simply being in the same vicinity as them. In that sense, he is surviving a formidable enemy to do his work, as criminal as it is. He CAN attack people first, but that is a player choice. That is where this article has a great point.

So... It's a video game. Naughty Dog does likeable protagonists. Uncharted is their contribution to the pulp action genre which is easily defined as "shocking subjects portrayed as non-shocking". They also do great combat encounters. Would Uncharted be as fun and exciting without action combat encounters to break up the rest of the adventure gameplay? Basically, Nate's true crime is not heading away from the danger of his job, but defending himself and his friends, when it becomes too dangerous.

Nivekki2761d ago

He's a psycho, don't try and brush it off. He's a born killer.

Which is good really because the games would be a bit boring if he wasn't. Yes he's trying to defend himself and all that jazz, but he opens himself up to these situations.

He knows what will happen if he decides to find these precious artifacts, he can turn back at a lot of times but doesn't even when he knows he may have to kill people.

No sugar coating - He's a mass murderer.

But he doesn't exist in real life and it's just a game, so who cares?

LordMaim2761d ago

Killer yes, murderer? No.

Murder - the unlawful premeditated killing of one human being by another.

Casting my mind back, I can't think of one premeditated killing that Drake did in the series. Definitely a lot of killing to protect himself, others, or in prevention of global catastrophe, but that's not the same as murder.

He's no more a murderer than Indiana Jones is.

ShinMaster2758d ago

Everyone Nathan Drake has to kill is either a mercenary or pirate out to kill him.

jon_snow2761d ago

Pretty much most Game protagonist is a mass murder if same standards are set for others like Lara croft, all heroes with gun even games where heroes are fighting Alien because Aliens are people too don't be racist by saying it's ok to kill them as they don't look like humans lol.

raWfodog2761d ago

Except when you're killing zombies cause you can't kill what's already dead :)

Jmanzare2760d ago

Except when you're killing aliens in a video game it's normally because they are invading earth. Nathan Drake is the one invading, like the aliens.

Xavior_Reigns2761d ago

That thumbnail says it all... I feel like that too ;p

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