Fallout 4 Review Embargo Gets Embargo

Fallout 4, like most major video games, has a review embargo. Unlike most major video games, however, Fallout 4 has an embargo for its review embargo.

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cfc781780d ago

Thats ok i'll be reviewing this 1 for myself early hours 10th.

Mariusmssj1779d ago (Edited 1779d ago )

Isn't anyone else interested why is there an embargo on the review embargo?

thekhurg1779d ago

Bethesda has always had a stick up their ass about reviews for their games.

inveni01779d ago

A lot of games do this. Rockstar did it once, too. No idea what the benefit is. Maybe it helps preorders or something.

SolidStoner1779d ago

easy enough to understand.. I think its because most reviewers are immature, do not know how to actually play the game.. and most of the time are not informed about games past (previous titles), result is a reviewer who is searching for problems where there are no, and uplifting features gamers dont care about in that particular game..

anyway! gamers will review it by actually playing it!

UnHoly_One1779d ago


You mean like somebody who would be dumb enough to play Uncharted 2 remastered and think they were playing Uncharted 4?

That couldn't happen, right?


starrman19851779d ago

Most of these comments seem to relate to review embargos - what this article is actually about is an embargo on critics announcing when the review embargo lifted! haha

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FlameBaitGod1779d ago

I think they don't want even more leaks to come out

CDbiggen1779d ago

Reviews are bullshit anyway, look at MGSV.

Malphite1779d ago

Looking at it. I mostly agree with the reviews I've read - It's a damn good game.

PaleMoonDeath1779d ago

MGSV was dope, and pretty much on point with everything.

Don't know what you mean.

Relientk771780d ago

Embargoception, an embargo within an embargo

TearsOfARapper841779d ago

And Tommy Wiseau as Tommy Wiseau

generalwinter1780d ago

This is one case where reviews are irrelevant. We will all be playing it too much to read reviews!

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saber000051779d ago

VIRUS! XD heh. Yeah I'm waiting a week before I buy the game. I got burned too many times with games not being what they cracked up to be..

KumquatGOATBEEF1779d ago

Same here, no way am I visiting that site.

Bansai1779d ago

Kotaku and viruses? Probably a false alert.

Pintheshadows1779d ago

It is the false alerts again. It is doing it on every story. It happened a few months back as well. There is nothing to worry about.

Just need the relevant people to sort it out.

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