Ranking the Yakuza Games Ahead of Yakuza 5’s Release

Hardcore Gamer: Yakuza 5 has been out in Japan for years now, however it won’t be until later this month (hopefully) that we here in the West will be able to play the localized version. While Japanese gamers have been given more than ten Yakuza games over the span of about a decade, we here in the North America have only been privy to half of that. Today we will be ranking the five Yakuza games we’ve seen released here in the West ahead of Yakuza 5‘s release. So without any further ado, let’s get to it.

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yewles11675d ago

"and who is also the brother of series favorite Majima Saejima" ...wut

Chaos_Raiden1674d ago

From favourite to least favourite Yakuza game:

1) Yakuza 2
2) Yakuza
3) Yakuza 3
4) Yakuza 4
5) Yakuza: Dead Souls

Melankolis1674d ago

Agree! Yakuza 2 was a badass game! The story is thrilling that makes me want to play and play again without playing mini games at all (yes, at all).

Oh, and Goda Ryuji is the best villain in Yakuza's franchise ever!.