Introducing Scions of Chaos, An Epic Fantasy Title for the Wii U and PC

"Let’s face it. There just aren’t many (or any) games of the epic fantasy genre on the Wii U or even planned for the Wii U. We’ve got Xenoblade Chronicles X coming and the new Legend of Zelda, but aside from that, what is there? This kind of game is sorely needed and can fill a huge void in the gaming library of a great Nintendo console. This kind of game could even help to improve Wii U sales, bring it exposure, and give it a longer shelf life. We need this kind of game!" -- Nintendo Enthusiast.

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tinparron3172d ago

Totally down for this! Will contribute first opportunity :)

wonderfulmonkeyman3172d ago

Sounds interesting, and the demo looks ambitious, if a bit bare-bones.
I'll keep an eye on this going forward.

gerbwmu3172d ago

Only $80 donated so far of $10,000 asking price. Is the game that close to being complete because most of these take at least a year longer then they expect if not more. I cant see this ever making it to the Wii U. Hopefully I'm wrong as it looks like an ambitious project.

magique3165d ago (Edited 3165d ago )

We are shooting for December 2016 release, but as we all know, timelines can get extended. Even Nintendo has pushed back releases. No guarantees of course. But to say it won't ever make it to Wii U is not a fair assessment. And as far as ambitious goals, it's hard for an outsider to know just how ambitious it actually is without knowing the intimate details of our plan and the scope of the game. I believe it is a reasonable goal and scope considering our team and the resources we have available.

addictedtochaos3171d ago

I think this is mostly to cover the cost of the Wii U dev kit. They said the game will still happen, but the Wii U version will be canceled soon if they don't get the funds needed to cover the costs of the dev kit.

magique3166d ago

Great news. We were told by Nintendo that we can pay in installments every 2 weeks and so there is no danger of us losing our Nintendo license. This will come to the Wii U as planned. Although, we could still use funding to offset our costs.