Logitech G29 Driving Force PS4/PS3 Race Wheel gets big discount

The Logitech G29 Driving Force PS4/PS3 Race Wheel has been discounted by 28 percent off, dropping to $286.55.


The deal has ended.

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Tallpine1171d ago

I followed this item all the way to amazon, not sure who thinks a 1% sale is big. Normal price is 399.99 and its sale price is 397.98. The article is only 11 minutes old.

GutZ311171d ago

How do I downvote if not on reddit?

The deal for the wheel is not even real.

FBNS1171d ago

What about the rhyme for your time?

nix1171d ago

i'm still fuming over the fact that they didn't support Logitech GT wheel on PS4. that thing was the best cheapest wheel i could afford.

MeliMel1171d ago

Yeah because they wanted you to buy this new one. I gotta say tho. This wheel looks awesome.

nix1171d ago

i can get a console with that price... /:

i picked up Thrustmaster T80 because of the game Driveclub. it costed me more than Logitech GT (compared to what the price of GT wheel was when i picked it) and it's a piece of shite. like rubbery wheel, no feedback. ugh! biggest disappointment.

MeliMel1171d ago

Wow, sorry to hear that. Im actually doing some research because I want one for Forza 6. Unfortunately the g920 is out of my price range at the moment with holidays coming up and all. I heard the g27 works but you need some adapter or something and the feedback doesnt always work. Aside with that particular wheel, is Thrustmaster a good wheel maker?

badz1491145d ago

I have used them both and personally I think the G27 is the better wheel although undeniably maybe because I'm already used to G27. But that's also saying that there is no real improvement with the G29 over its predecessor and really, the only reason I bought it is because the G27 is not PS4 compatible. what annoys me the most is the shifter doesn't even come standard with G29 unlike with G27 which I think is a bit underhanded considering it's pricier at launch than the G27!