Rock Band DLC for the Week of August 12th: Roadrunner 6 Pack

HMX Henry from the Rock Band forums says,

"Hey Rockers,

Here's your weekly fixing of DLC for August 12th, 2008. It's a rip roarin' Roadrunner 6 Pack, filled to the brim with metal mayhem. The pack will be 480 MSP (aka $5.99) and single tracks will be 80 MSP (aka $0.99) for the first month. From that point on the pack will be 800 MSP (aka $9.99) and the single tracks will become 160 MSP (aka $1.99). GET STOKED!

Tracks will be out on Tuesday on Xbox Marketplace and Thursday on the Playstation Store.

Airbourne – Runnin' Wild - 80 MSP - $0.99
DevilDriver – Clouds Over California - 80 MSP - $0.99
Dream Theater – Constant Motion - 80 MSP - $0.99
Killswitch Engage – My Curse - 80 MSP - $0.99
Machine Head – Aesthetics Of Hate - 80 MSP - $0.99
Megadeth – Sleepwalker - 80 MSP - $0.99

All tracks are masters."

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RevN8r5341d ago (Edited 5341d ago )

I just wonder how Portnoy will translate to 4 pads and 1 pedal...Then again, they were able to get Peart in the game...

metalhead5341d ago

.........I think I just creamed myself lol

Lord_Ash5341d ago

I love how they finally gave us Dream Theater and Megadeth, but these 2 songs? really? they're good songs but there are songs by both bands that will work better with the game, or are they saving the best for when rock band 2 comes out.

Anyway I don't think it's the best idea to have songs from their latest efforts but like I said Finally, so I'll shut up now.