Review: Too Human 93/100 (GAMES Magazine - Greece)

Scans of the first published review of Too Human, exclusive to the Xbox 360, have appeared at TooHuman.net. Games Magazine, a nationally syndicated Greek publication for all gaming platforms, declares it the game of the month stating:

"Too Human manages to combine the best elements of action and RPG. The result is not only interesting, but of high quality and very fun as well."

In summary it writes:

"Plus: Very well written story, impressive graphics, explosive action, deep character development.

Minus: Static Camera, few AI issues.

General: Too Human puts new standards for the action console games, and wins a seat among the best games of X360."

Scans after the jump.

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Viktor E5593d ago (Edited 5593d ago )


The Author of this ^ is not Sponsored by Microsoft

Fishy Fingers5593d ago (Edited 5593d ago )

LOL YOU wrote that! I bet that's totally unbiased to right? So unbiased it was deleted

Ridiculous. Go read some PS3 news.

Viktor E5593d ago (Edited 5593d ago )

"Gameplay-Broken and Repetitive,nothing worthy of the title 'Next-gen'.I suspect Silocon Knights had to remove significant Gameplay Features due to the limited DVD 9 format the game appears on."

It appears DVD9 and the absence of the CELL Processor is the culprit for Too Humans shortcomings

Bangadoshish5593d ago

Obviously the pc version will fix all the mistakes in the xbox version

RawPowah5593d ago

Judging by the meh graphics,I'd say the only way this game can get a good score is if it lands on the Wii

La Chance5593d ago (Edited 5593d ago )

you agreed with all your 5 accounts !

TheXgamerLive5592d ago

Made up an article and tried to post it himself, it didn't even have a source, LOL!! I hate lil wannabe's like him, so should ps3 fans, b/c it's lil b1tchs like him that give the good sony fan's a bad name.

Shane Kim5592d ago

Victor E's review was alot more accurate.

TheMART5592d ago


We all know your retard posts.

Just make sure they lock you up, it would be better for yourself, your parents and this world.

Snake Raiser5582d ago

It is actually from a site called "too Human" geeze, if it werent for this review Too Human would have like a 6/10 average.
friggin fanboys

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sonarus5593d ago (Edited 5593d ago )

Very nice lol @ impressive graphics though

Chandresh Patel5593d ago

"Plus:...impressive graphics"?

They must be playing in SD

La Chance5593d ago (Edited 5592d ago )

great for everybody who supported the game and bad for all those who never played it and were hating for nothing.

To those who didnt aprreciate the demo , its just not their type of game (not really my type of game but might give it a try)

I am actually shocked it got such a good score ! I wasnt expecting this.After playing the demo , I thought it would be getting around about 7/10.

GREAT just GREAT.All the haters that swarmed in every thread was just too much.

edit : @sonarus below : I didnt like the game that much,not because it was poor quality but because it was not my type unlike all the others hating though never played the game.Btw when they say "great graphics" it must be thanks to the art design which is beautiful , like the game or not , the desing is cool.

sonarus5593d ago

But you even admitted to playing the game and not really liking it. The hate wasn't warranted but its not really that great a game a 9.3 is stretching it in my opinion but i'm not here to hate great score for fans of analog combat

green5592d ago

Personally i believe Too Human to be Too awesome.i have never played a demo so many times in my life.

Even i admit that the game is not for everyone.Some will hate it while some would love it to bits.I believe that reviews will reflect it by some sites given this game a score as low as a 5 while some will score it a 9 like as we see here.

Anyway i buy games that i want to play and not because of reviews and in my hands on time with the demo, Too human simply amazing.

cervantes995592d ago

I played the demo twice trying to like it ... I just didn't. The graphics look worse than a PS2/Xbox 1 game but the story is intriguing.

Ultimately, if I have to force myself to try and like a game then the game is really not that great in my opinion. I'm glad a lot of people like it though.

I guess I'm spoiled with MGS4, Uncharted, R&C, Gears, and Bioshock

incogneato5592d ago

wow if this doesnt prove that 360 games get special treatment i dont know what does. this game is mediocre at best.

Milky5592d ago

Yh I always use Greece for reliable reviews.


LossTheEarthbreaker5592d ago (Edited 5592d ago )

They include visual design in their graphics score, which is perfectly reasonable.

Visual Design should be included in graphics, because even if you're looking at the most high-res texture, multiple anti-aliased and filtered high-definition particle effects you've ever seen, it's not so impressive if it doesn't have any interesting design involved.

@incogneato: You realize there are publications such as the Official PlayStation magazine, right? And one that is the official magazine of the used/new video game store, GameStop? It's called Game Informer. Sites owned by these publications and the rags themselves are not to be trusted as a be all end of source of information.

Previews on both consoles are almost always positive, because most previews wouldn't even come out without some cash from someone.

riskibusiness5592d ago

The demo was fun and I would give it an 84/100. But I may have been a little short-sighted because it was only the demo and a small cross-section of the game.

The controls take a little time to master because old habits are hard to break. Once you are able to overcome habits formed from other 3rd person shooters from the past, it does become much easier to play and the camera easier on the eye.

I will be buying this game, and I hope it is successful so we can get another two sequels.

vickers5005592d ago


Couldn't have said it better myself.

ThanatosDMC5592d ago

Wow, they've gotta be kidding... or who paid them for this review?!

tweaker5592d ago (Edited 5592d ago )

IMO the graphics were pretty good. I played the demo on my 1080p Panny.

Rock Bottom5592d ago

Don't know why all those disagrees, is this what you people consider good graphics? Has the 360 graphics standers sunk so low, I haven't played this and I am not gonna talk wither it's good or bad, but hell that is some lame graphics, I know so cause I have eyes.

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SuperSaiyan45593d ago

This is probably one game I say if the reviews coming in high like this they MUST be paid off! Played the demo and the game is utter rubbish and so are the visuals!