New Scan for Kingdom Hearts : Birth By Sleep

According to FFDream and Gamekyo, new images from the trailers of Kingdom Hearts : Birth By Sleep that were played at DKS3713 have been released in Famitsu !
A first look at Aqua, and "Blanche-Neige" instead of Aurore, the princess.
The third hero of Birth by Sleep has officially been presented to the public.

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iamtehpwn3748d ago

I await her Rule 34.

jonboi243747d ago (Edited 3747d ago )

Yeah Aqua is pretty hot. Here's hoping that she get as much playing time as the other two lead characters. KH:BBS may be hands down the best looking PSP game to date. Hands down a system seller, I just hope they make a bundle for this because I'll be wanting a new PSP when this comes out.

jkoz3748d ago

Couldn't have just said Snow White, could we?

Shaka2K63748d ago

Its like a dream come true.

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