Mortal Kombat X Is Still the #1 Game of 2015 so Far in the US, Warner Bros Is the Top Publisher

Written by Jason Dunning: " In Time Warner’s earnings release today, they announced that Warner Bros saw revenues increase 15% to $3.2 billion, with the video games division primarily helped out by the releases of LEGO Dimensions and Mad Max, as well as continued sales for Mortal Kombat X and Batman: Arkham Knight."

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marioJP872045d ago

Literally just experienced Mortal Kombat X on PC last night when i downloaded it. But WOW, number one game of 2015? Nice. Story is amazing and gameplay is pretty good.

Genova842045d ago

You bought it at the right time. The game ran like absolute trash on pc at launch. I haven't boight a game day 1 since. Witcher 3 doesn't count cause ot was already preordered ;-).

Also, your purchase does't count towards these figures as this is "retail sales only". Why can't these people figure out how to aggregate online sales? Only games I buy retail are ps4 exclusives ... so dumb.