Top Five Vita Games That Deserve A Second Chance on the PS4

Phil writes, "Obviously original titles are much more welcomed to a system than remastered ones, but the PlayStation Vita's software is in a precarious position, as many in the West have overlooked the system's sensational offerings. It only makes sense, then, that if former Vita-exclusive games like Tearaway and Gravity Rush can get a second chance to shine on the PlayStation 4, then why can't others? Not only would these titles be great additions to the PS4 lineup, but they would have a better shot of selling. They might also be quite easy to port over, even if just released digitally like Gravity Rush is here in North America. It is with this list that SuperPhillip Central details five PlayStation Vita offerings we'd like to see come to the PS4 for a second chance in the spotlight."

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Nonscpo3149d ago

Most are games that are either going to happen naturally over time, or games that didn't contribute much to the PSVITA's market share. Thanks for reminding us about losing Terraway and Gravity Rush!

Phil323149d ago

You didn't "lose" Tearaway and Gravity Rush. Those games are still available for you to play on the Vita. It's just that more people get to play them now. I don't know why anyone would be against more people getting to play great games unless they had some emotional attachment to a piece of hardware.

Nonscpo3149d ago

Don't personally care for Terraway, as far as Gravity Rush goes, we did lose it; the sequel isn't coming to Vita :(

Yi-Long3149d ago

Hopefully a HD version of Muramasa including all DLC will one day be released on PS4...

NewMonday3149d ago

Soul Sacrifice

Freedom Wars

these have big potential

nodim3149d ago

The most idiotic article I have ever seen in my entire life.

MultiConsoleGamer3149d ago

I'm glad to see Freedom Wars on the list. Great game. Highly under appreciated.

SamPao3149d ago (Edited 3149d ago )

put 80h into that game, and only 80 because I already had some kind of addiction and I knew I didn't have the time to continue with it. Eat up so much time!
Amazing game!

gokuking3149d ago

Assassin's Creed: Liberation HD flopped, Batman Blackgate HD flopped, Toukiden Kiwami PS4 flopped, SAO Re: Hollow Fragment flopped, Tearaway Unfolded flopped and God Eater continues to flop on PS4. All console gamers do is port beg, but when it comes time to spend money they never show up. Which makes sense, I guess. Why pay for a ported handheld game when you have $80 million AAA games to play?

These aren't great choices either. If WipEout was popular, Liverpool wouldn't have been shut down. LBP3 flopped on PS4, so there's really no reason to port and modify LBP Vita's single player campaign. Naughty Dog thinks Uncharted GA is garbage. No one cares about Killzone, and those that do, only do so for the graphics. A handheld port isn't going to satiate that crowd. No one buys hunting games on home consoles, so Freedom Wars would be burning money better spent making a new game for Vita.

MikeOxonfyre3149d ago

You don't know what on earth your talking about gokuking... as Wipeout is far more popular than Ico, SOTC or some forever releasing game, called The Last Guardian, from Team Ico, whom weren't closed down...

Next you'll be spewing verbal diarrhea about how Socom is not a popular series, & that is why Zipper were closed down... When the facts are far more a telling of Sony's constant FAILURES, moreso than these inhouse developers. The fact is LBP3 was released at a terrible time in PS4's cycle....Kids titles at the very start of a new consoles lifespan, in almost guaranteed suicide. Then, add to that, the terrible marketing that Sony has failed to give us, over the last 2 gens, & you get an idea WHY many Sony games are failing so HARD.

Insomniac hightailed from YEARS of Sony dedicated service, because Sony's suits were complete & utter morons, that were ruthless towards ANY developers outside of Japan (as shown with the WTF decision to keep shutting down European inhouse studios, that were delivering great games for PS3, PSP & Vita, but keeping Team Ico, uselessly delivering NOTHING for ANYTHING in over 8yrs & STILL). I mean, Insomniac delivered the awesome Resistance series, including having Resistance 1 ready in the launch window, yet Sony repays them, by failing to market Resistance 2 & especially 3, or advertise it in any capacity..& not just that, release KZ3 very close to R3.

So, your false assumptions on popularity & such, are just that.... The problem lies with Sony, & it's out of touch release windows. LBP3 was always going to flop on PS4, when released at a time when early adopters were the majority of PS4 owners, & even still are.... A game like LBP3 relies on soccer mum sales, it needs a huge chunk of hardware install base to be little kids.

As far as your crap about Killzone....Sorry mate, but Killzone 2 is still one of the best fps's of last gen, & this gen. So, graphics are just icing on the cake, when the game is done properly.. And Killzone on Vita is a beast of a game, for that format... So, your undermining it's brilliance, just makes you look silly, as it's gameplay is brilliant also, so it's unrivalled handheld graphics are again, just the icing.

And, what ND think of GA is irrelevant...as it's what consumers think, that is important, & thus consumers wallets do for Sony, after that, is all that counts. ND's opinion on EVERY game they did not have a hand in developing is completely null & void.

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Microsoft once tried to nab LittleBigPlanet from Sony after a few drinks

It turns out that many moons ago, Microsoft once had its eye on the Sony published LittleBigPlanet series.

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XiNatsuDragnel40d ago

Microsoft had a good idea but fumbled it again.

Cacabunga39d ago (Edited 39d ago )

Project Spark idea was decent but they quickly gave up ..
LBP was wonderful

ApocalypseShadow40d ago

Microsoft in a nutshell. Always tried to poach Sony employees, games, 3rd party games and devices like the depth camera that was turned into Kinect but was running on PS2 before Xbox 360. Wouldn't be surprised they wanted LBP. Just like they worked behind the scenes pushing the MLB to bring Sony's baseball game to Xbox instead of making their own.

They didn't spend years trying to develop their own baseball game. They wanted Sony's game.

They're scum.

Zachmo18239d ago

Microsoft didn't force MLB on Xbox. MLB gave Sony 2 options either go multiplat or risk losing the license.

Rynxie38d ago

And why do you think MLB said that? I believe Ms approached MLB.

ApocalypseShadow38d ago (Edited 38d ago )

Totally ridiculous comment.

The only exclusivity Sony had was to their own creation of The Show. Microsoft could have paid the MLB for the license just like Sony did and made their own baseball game.

Microsoft instead, groomed MLB for years in trying to poach Sony's game and bring it to Xbox. They're worth 3 TRILLION dollars. You think that's not enough money to make their own baseball game? Don't be delusional.

Microsoft spun it like they always do and told the media that they had to trust Sony with their hardware. After they put Sony in that position of not having a choice. Either go multiplatform or stop making one of their successful games. That's a no win scenario.

And what did Microsoft do? They didn't try to sell the game to the Xbox community. They put it on game pass to hurt Sony. Pushing the idea of why buy games that are $70 when you can play them in their cheap service for $10. It was a dirty tactic.

You fell for the Kool aid drink Microsoft served you instead of spitting it out. Hope it tasted good because you were fooled by Phil and the gang.

38d ago
Hereandthere38d ago

Xbox executive Sara Bond has told Axios that Microsoft spent a number of years trying to get MLB The Show onto Xbox consoles. And when it finally succeeded in breaking off PlayStation’s long-held exclusivity, the company had to “trust” Sony with pre-release Xbox Series X/S consoles.

Bond revealed that MLB The Show “always came up” in conversations between Microsoft and the Major League Baseball organization. “We always said, ‘We love this game. It would be a huge opportunity to bring it to Xbox.'” she recalled. However, when Microsoft’s efforts materialized, it put the company in an awkward situation where it had to send in pre-release consoles to a rival company.

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Notellin38d ago

"Microsoft instead, groomed MLB for years in trying to poach Sony's game and bring it to Xbox."

Take a nap, conspiracies are rotting your brain.

38d ago
Hereandthere38d ago

Xbox executive Sara Bond has told Axios that Microsoft spent a number of years trying to get MLB The Show onto Xbox consoles. And when it finally succeeded in breaking off PlayStation’s long-held exclusivity, the company had to “trust” Sony with pre-release Xbox Series X/S consoles.

ApocalypseShadow37d ago

Lying to yourself is unbecoming.

Article link tells you all you need to know in Sarah Bond's own words.

Hereandthere38d ago

They were too cheap/inept/lazy to develop their own mlb game, so they port begged for years and bribed the mlb to make the show multiplatform. Like i said many times, xbox brought nothing to the table their 24 years, ZERO.

ApocalypseShadow38d ago

At least you and others get it. Note drank the Kool aid and asked for seconds thinking it was refreshing.

Most don't even know how it all played out but it's there in black and white for all to see. Microsoft brought it up for years until the MLB forced Sony's hand. It was a win win for Microsoft. Kill one reason to buy a PlayStation or kill the game by dropping it in a cheap service to kill Sony's sales numbers on PlayStation.

OtterX39d ago

"However, Healey said Media Molecule wouldn't have felt right doing that, adding it would have been "morally corrupt"."

Major kudos to Media Molecule for being an upright studio with principles.

Cockney37d ago

They chose well, Sony gave them the backing to pursue their dreams with no restrictions even tho their games especially dreams have very niche appeal. Media molecule and Sony deserve respect for this in an age of risk averse publishing.