Should Grand Theft Auto be banned here?

Singapore may have banned Mass Effect last year (and later un-banned it), but gamers there do not want to see a Grand Theft Auto ban. As reported by the Electric New Paper, gamers in Singapore are concerned that last week's cabdriver murder in Thailand may prompt a video game backlash.

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Born2BK1NG3722d ago


princejb1343722d ago

i dont know mayb
everytime a new gran theft come out, theres always violence a few days later just o get a hold of this game

Noel Sulik3722d ago

No, it should not be banned.

Baba19063722d ago

we should bann the human life, couse they are the source of the evilness.

devilhunterx3722d ago

It should be banned for being a disappointing game