X-Play G-Phoria 08: Best RPG

Morgan Webb brings you the winner of Best RPG at G-Phoria 2008.

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green3749d ago

Without a doubt Mass Effect is the best RPG released this gen.

morganfell3749d ago (Edited 3749d ago )

I have Mass Effect on the 360 and on the PC. But the fact is The Witcher stomps huge RPG holes all in Mass Effect when it comes to gameplay. 70 hours of gaming first time through, more than 3 endings. Best of the year.

Cinematic Opening


Combat First Boss:

Combat and Finishing moves (Whirling Dervish):

dachiefsman3749d ago

Would agree if you added "so-far", the witcher on the pc was fun though.

socomnick3749d ago

Lol mass effect destroyed the competition. 73 percent of the vote wow.