New Video Details PlayStation VR Features and First Half of 2016 Release Window

EB: A new video for the PlayStation VR has been released to show off the headset’s features. It’s definitely a well put together device based on its specs.

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rocketleague1137d ago

I know everybody is saying it, but I do think that announcing price is imperative. Are they waiting for PSX? Yes. But if it's too expensive (and it will be), it will deter anybody from even considering it. Get the bad news out now, talk about the good stuff later.

Vengeance11381137d ago

Not all of us are poor as shit, even if this thing is $300 i'll get it. This is a must have peripheral and the experiences obtained from this thing will be incredible, making the high price totally justified.

rocketleague1137d ago

I'll pay $399 if it has quality launch games, but the average consumer will be scared off by that price

Stapleface1137d ago

I'm poor as shit but I'm pre ordering when it's available. A little self control on the meaningless spending most of us do on a regular basis over the next six months. That should cover the cost.


Just patiently waiting for the pre-order announcement.

traumadisaster1137d ago (Edited 1137d ago )

I'll pay 600, miss a mortgage payment and have the kids eat breakfast at school for free on the taxpayers.


SniperControl1137d ago

I paid £270 for my DK2 over a year ago, besides the PS4, best bit of tech i have ever bought, i expect the PSVR to be around the same price maybe £299.

I already have the Playstation camera and two Move controllers from the PS3 days, day one purchase for me, just waiting for the pre-orders to begin.

This feels just like waiting for a new console to release.

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S2Killinit1137d ago

they've already said it will cost "similar to the console". The PS4 released at 399, and is now 349. Its safe to say the headset will be 399 or maybe 349. This is also supported by the fact that the other headsets are being released around the same price point.

To me, this is good news. I don't want something cheap. I want them to make something proper. VR will not be cheap. Anyone who thinks it should cost 299 is not listening to what they already said, and is just engaging in wishful thinking.

As for me, Its a Day One purchase.

Ravenheartzero1137d ago

Even if it is what you would consider expensive just like most things the price will drop as time goes by, the library will get bigger. No need to get it straight away if it's too much for you.

S2Killinit1137d ago

they upped the "field of view" to 100 degrees from 90.

MeteorPanda1137d ago

people please don't buy this at launch, you know how sony treats things that are gaming but not consoles... The camera, motion sticks, vita, psp, they'll stop supporting their own products after the first sales no matter how well it sells.

Learn from the Vitas fate! LEAAAAARRRN

S2Killinit1137d ago (Edited 1137d ago )

Just for the record, they did an interview with Shuhei, and he mentioned that the media has twisted the comment about Vita into something different. Sony had mentioned that they themselves would no longer work on 1st party "AAA" games for the Vita as they are now focusing on the PS4. This doesn't mean that the Vita was no longer being supported. I personally thought Vita was now dead from what they were saying. Then I later learned that the comment was nothing close to what I thought.

Also, I think its pretty different with VR. this thing will revolutionize gaming. Not because of what Sony or MS or Nintendo said, but because people have actually had hands on time with these things. Facebook didn't pay 2 billion dollars for a startup company for no reason. Watch VR take over in the coming years.

If you are a Sports fan, you will soon be buying stadium tickets in VR to watch your favorite team play live, from the stands.

MeteorPanda1137d ago

l'm being downvoted like crazy but l don't care, Sony has never backed it's products outside the console. I own all of these devices btw, they sit waiting for more devs to create games for cause sony never will.

This is going to be used for simulators, a few gimmicky launch games and then it'll get buried.

seriously why are people so forgetful? This dance is old now, c'mon just wait for more support to come to the VR headset before launch purchasing, all l'm saying

Death1137d ago


Sony won't make games for the Vita, but they are still supporting it? Out of curiosity, how do you define support? I typically think of support from the manufacturer as making games for their system. I agree with Meteor, outside of their consoles, Sony's software support for their peripherals has been disappointing. If PSVR doesn't sell well for Sony, chances are early adopters are going to get burned. Best case scenario has Sony offering the support VR deserves, but how that impacts non-VR owners is yet to be seen. I don't think PSVR is the no-brainer many want it to be.

S2Killinit1137d ago

Im just gonna leave these here since Matadorpanda and Death are just so "Skeptical" of Sony's support of PSVR:

Death1137d ago

Year one support for the Vita was pretty impressive too. Of the list you provided, how many are Sony first party games? Without a firm launch date or price, how long until the confirmed games actually release and will they be any good? I admit some are interesting, but not quite enough to jump in. More information is still needed.

S2Killinit1137d ago (Edited 1137d ago )

I just showed you 54 games in the pipeline, more were announced during the Korean Conference, yet its all in vein because your issue with anything Playstation has nothing to do with facts. You act as if the Vita was such a dissaster. Its laughable watching you troll each and every Playstation article. There are a handful of you who do this on a consistent bases, all of whom have plenty of bubbles, which begs the question, how is it that youre bubbles arent taken away. I recently lost a bubble because Septic and Gangster-red didnt like what i had to say (purely factual mind you), on a Playstation article nontheless. So im really curious how a person who constantly gets above 10 disagrees, still maintains his bubbles.

MeteorPanda1137d ago

where did l say VR wouldnt be a thing? handhelds are a thing, smart phones are a thing, yet sony drops them after a few years if that. I'm saying from the experience their other devices have had Sony will not make their headset live as long as it can.

and c'mon. how does your statement make any sense.

"Sony had mentioned that they themselves would no longer work on 1st party "AAA" games for the Vita as they are now focusing on the PS4. This doesn't mean that the Vita was no longer being supported"

it's a gaming handheld with no games..still being supported..right.

Saying don't dive right in, Sony has been known to jump ship early and to wait and see how something progresses before forking out 400 dollars on something isn't what people want to hear apparently.

And the link you posted, l seriously doubt you're going to get all that at launch.

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DaGR8JIBRALTAR1137d ago (Edited 1137d ago )

@ meteor panda.....Get a job!

MeteorPanda1137d ago

wait people are upvoting you for yelling immature insults like get a job?

do people genuinely think this is an upvote worthy comment and not a reportable one? Admins?

ArchangelMike1137d ago

Dare I say, VR is different because you have HTC Vive, Occulus Rift, and others pushing VR in a big way. The technology is finially at a place where it can deliver a viable VR experience. The holy grail of gaming/entertainment is total immersion. VR is just the beginning of attaiing that holy grail, and for that reason I beleive it is here to stay.

Mr Logic1137d ago

Exactly! Most games are targeting all the HMDs which will solve the software issue of Vita and Move.

Darkborn1137d ago

It looks so slick and nice, and I've heard good things from friends who've tried it, but something like this I'm not so sure if it's day 1 for me. For obvious reasons, it could instill motion sickness after prolonged gametime. I'm not too worried about the price, even though they state "comparable to a console." If this works out in their favor though, it could change a lot about how we play games on the PS5 and beyond. Here's to hoping they have a successful launch and so does Hololens and Ocults Rift.

Pillsbury11137d ago

My guess would be around the end of June, which is when no mans sky is scheduled to release.

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