[ABG] The TakeOver - Final Fight Has Never Looked So Good

The TakeOver is a great new arcade brawler inspired by classics like Final Fight and Streets of Rage, that gives a snazzy modern lick of paint to some unashamedly retro, arcade beat-em up action.

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heedstone2640d ago

Wow, this looks awesome!

TheNPC2640d ago

This pretty much looks like an HD remake of Streets of Rage, especially with how unabashedly similar a lot of the characters look. Knowing how Sega reacted to the free Streets of Rage fan-game, there's no way they're going to let this slide once they catch wind of it.

Godmars2902639d ago

I see this and I can think of how stagnant the basic arcade genre is.

masterfox2639d ago

More like Street of Rage nonetheless it looks great, the original Street of Rage in game music of almost all stages was and still is so damn epic, you should look for it and hear it.

Enigma_20992639d ago

... the enemies hit back, right?

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