Rooney mania: Wayne shakes off illness to film video game advert in Manchester

He's been ruled out of starting the new Premiership season due to illness but Wayne Rooney managed to buck up long enough to make a lucrative appearance in an advert today.

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Harry1903721d ago (Edited 3721d ago )

Player with a big heart. Wayne Rooney is the most talented English player and will be Man Utd's hero this season. Wayne Rooney forever. The kid is a genius.

I wish to play against Wayne Rooney in Fifa 09. That's the only field on which I can take him on.

dro3721d ago

na man,rooney will not be there hero this season.if ronaldo keeps on going like that we all know who will be the hero ;D .... but he is the best english player with out a doubt.

ud3721d ago

I just starting to learn about Soccer (or football if you feel offended lol) and WOW i didn't know they were both in the same team! that's crazy!

I had the chance to see the final of some tournament (Manchester UTD vs Chelsea) that was one of the best games I have ever watched of all sports combined.

Wish i could watch more matches on TV. I live in canada so the only matches I can see are like the big tournaments. But i'll be sure to watch it at the olympics! 8D