Rock Band 4 vs Guitar Hero Live – Which One Should You Buy?

COG writes: COG's very own music nut, Sidd, breaks down all aspects of both Rock Band 4 and Guitar Hero Live so that you know what you are getting into this holiday season.

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MercilessDMercer2056d ago

Or, you know, take that time and money and learn how to play the actual instrument...

Masterofwiiu3ds2055d ago (Edited 2055d ago )

By that logic, everyone who plays Street Fighter should go and become an actual third degree black belt.

And people who play racing or flying games should become pro drivers and pilots.

And those who play Resident Evil should create and infect people with the T-virus!

Highlife2055d ago

Or people who comment on n4g should go write a book. Wait please don't.

Actually I have rocksmith and love it. It's great for leaning how to play. But just having fun with family and friends rock band is great. Rock band 2 was the best but 4 is ok.

NarooN2055d ago

I've been playing real guitar since Jan. 2012. Love it, but I'm also smart enough to understand that Rock Band (and Guitar Hero... and GuitarFreaks, which started this whole thing back in 1999) are not and never were meant to replace real instruments nor teach you how to play them.

I mean hey, you like Call of Duty or Counter-Strike? Stop playin' them vidya gaems POSER, go join A REAL anti-terrorism outfit!

Oh you like Madden? Get off your lazy ass and go join the NFL, simple as that.

Please people, think before you type. Don't use shitty logic. Thanks.

generalwinter2055d ago

Rock Band is more fun for groups, and Guitar Hero is for 1 or 2 people, in my experience.

GrapesOfRaf2055d ago

I might grab GH after Christmas. Definitely more interested in it than Rock Band.

Immorals2055d ago

Always was more of a Guitar Hero fan, but the new Guitar game is a disgrace so went to Rock Band!

MilkMan2055d ago

RB f#$% up in so many ways I cant even count them. I basically went ahead and put it in the closet. I went and bought GH and im having a blast playing it. I miss some of the tracks from the RB but call it what it is, Harmonix messed things up. So GH it is. We all have fun end of story. PLUS they did things differently. They took chances and it paid off for them.
Harmonix rested on their laurels.

mixelon2055d ago

Could you at least list a few of those ways rather than count them? RB4 has been pretty well recieved.

Highlife2055d ago (Edited 2055d ago )

My problem with rock band is that 2 had so many more game modes. Drum battle, sing battles, guitar battle online mode and others even better sorting. While I still can enjoy rock band they took a huge step back.

iistuii2055d ago

Yeah I'm waiting to see if they add online coop. I mean I have hundreds of songs so I hope to eventually get the game, but not being able to rock out with my American mates is a letdown, oh & my ions don't work yet on X1.

Highlife2055d ago

Always wanted to get the ion but never did. Do they work on ps4? Do you think they will make them again. So worried when I play drums I went through 3 of them during the other rock bands.

iistuii2055d ago

The ions do work on PS4 because wired instruments work on that system, but I've got all my hundreds of DLC on Xbox, so I can't switch now even though I've got both consoles. Ions with the 3 cymbals is the only way to play pro drums, I couldn't go back to the plastic ones again.

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The story is too old to be commented.