Nintendo Discusses The Challenge, Strategy Of Making New IP

During Nintendo’s recent investor’s Q&A, an investor wanted to know “the current issues on creating new IP for the expansion of the gaming population.” Nintendo president Tatsumi Kimishima responded.

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RPGrinder1266d ago

Nintendo knows better than anyone what it takes to make a series

Game4Next1266d ago

Splatoon MMORPG NX. That would be Awesome!

Ck1x1265d ago (Edited 1265d ago )

I actually think that Fire Emblem would make a great MMO spin off. The series has so many characters and back stories that a game in that style if done well could be pretty epic. I think many people forget something when it comes to Nintendo, forget about them creating new franchises just for the sake of something new. I want them to flesh out and show some love to great IP's that have been on hiatus for a long time.

Why would Nintendo need to create some many new franchises when they have so much stuff like Kid Icarus, Startropics, Earthbound, Advance Wars, Golden Sun, Eternal Darkness, Custom Robo, Sin & Punishment and Wave Race that could be awesome on the NX.

Give us new stuff, but revisit some of these existing game franchises as well. Some of these games are so old that they could be remade on newer technology and they would definitely feel very fresh to the original versions.

MrSec841265d ago

I really don't see why Nintendo has issues creating good new IPs, or at least commissioning a few new ones every year that can actually break into new markets for them.

For one thing Indie development has definitely made creating new concepts and testing the water less of a risky business now.
You can put a team of a few people on something, then if that starts to take off and seem appealing add more resources behind it to take it to the AA or AAA stage and if it's not quite worth going AAA just go for a smaller budget and then you get new franchises out of that.

Do what Guerrilla Games did when they wanted to make some new franchise(s) and advertise to your entire studio for anyone and everyone to feel free to pitch a game idea, that way you get creativity from all avenues of the company and the real geniuses of game creation can take those concepts and blow them up to something even greater.

Nintendo's real issue is that they aren't really focusing on where the major business is, which is in the kinds of games the western, 3rd party audience buys.
There's so much more variety there, than just going for Japanese titles, along with a few more mature games or just hitting up the more casual audiences and also only focusing on the audience that has been steadily shrinking for years on Nintendo's platforms.

By all means keep your core gamers satiated, but expand your properties in as wide a field as you can, that way you cast a wide net and you'll have a much better chance of landing a wide variety of more popular franchises.
Splatoon was definitely a good start, also classics like Pilotwings and Wave Race are pretty unique, Nintendo should be trying to refresh those IPs for the new generation.

Pokemon is wasted by Nintendo not trying to build a true 3D Open World RPG, with nurturing of Pokemon, collecting a wide range of species, in a gorgeous, vast world.

Nintendo should also be open to ideas from the gaming community, whether it's from existing or older Nintendo fans or the much wider gaming community.

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captainexplosion1266d ago

No wonder Nintendo only does one new IP a decade.

Ck1x1265d ago

I like new IP's as much as the next guy, but I like them to be something great. If companies are creating new IP'S for the sake of calling them new, but it feels exactly like other games that are available why bother...

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1265d ago (Edited 1265d ago )

I can list over 10 New IP created with 3DS and Wii U. But I won't because Google is your friend.

Pookandpie1265d ago

I've had this argument with someone before. This is how it typically goes:

"Nintendo doesn't make new IPs, or only makes 1 a decade."

*Gets shown a list of 71 IPs Nintendo has created since 2001*

"Yeah, but Splatoon doesn't count because it's kiddy, Wonderful 101 doesn't count because it wasn't made by Nintendo (despite Nintendo owning the intellectual property), Pushmo doesn't count because downloadable, same for Steel Diver and Dillon's, Codename STEAM doesn't count because Abraham Lincoln, Xenoblade Chronicles doesn't count because I'm not Japanese [list goes on ad nauseam]."

Even if he Googles, this will be the result. It's mainly because people get ignorant preconceived notions and when they put something on the Internet, they don't want to be wrong. Ever. New IPs are made all the time, even (or especially, depending on perspective) by Nintendo.

freshslicepizza1266d ago

sounds like creating new experiences with existing ip's will continue to be the main focus at nintendo in favor of creating all new ip's.

bottom line, nothing has changed

RPGrinder1266d ago (Edited 1266d ago )

good. That is what Nintendo fans want

BiggerBoss1266d ago

Youd rather 8 Mario spinoff games than 8 brand new IP?

Persistantthug1266d ago

Unfortunately, for home consoles, there's not enough Nintendo fans to keep Nintendo successful.

superchiller1265d ago

"What Nintendo fans want" is killing the company, sadly. Keep up the good work.

RPGrinder1265d ago (Edited 1265d ago )


Killing the company? They have more money than god, are the best publisher of games every single year. Reading your comments is always funny for a joke.

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mysteryraz111265d ago

nintendo is mostly the kiddies platform

Ck1x1265d ago (Edited 1265d ago )

Here's what I love about Nintendo as a company is that the profits they make even at their absolute worse is comparable to Sony as a whole when they're doing their best (PS4). The PS4 is selling like crazy I will give them that, but they will never muster the kind of profits that Nintendo did at their best when selling the Wii/DS!

Just think that Nintendo believes with their new business plan in place, they can in 3yrs have the potential to surpass the Wii/DS era of profits. Even if Nintendo sees half of the Wii/DS profits, that's way out of Sony's league of what they're on track to make this generation. (Keep in mind everything is going well for Sony at the moment and that's very telling!) Just had to vent this out ;)

superchiller1265d ago

Sadly, the Wii was the beginning of the end for Nintendo. It did catch on like fire and sell a lot of hardware, but spawned mostly a ton of bad shovelware, and died years before its competition (360/PS3). While the 360 and PS3 continue to get new games to this day, and both offer huge libraries of fantastic games, the Wii is 100% dead, with no new games, and an overall poor library of mediocre games.

And its funny that you failed to bring up the Wii U; I guess even the diehard fans like you agree that it failed.

Based on their recent track record with those systems, its hard to believe that they can magically turn things around and recapture the many gamers who gave up on them. Unless the NX is a genuinely well-designed, competitive, non-gimmicky console, the future for Nintendo in terms of gaming hardware will be grim indeed.

Ck1x1265d ago (Edited 1265d ago )

You obviously didn't read my comment and it's a pretty solid tell of the tape from both companies Financial reportings. Sony at their highest in years (PS4 dominating with little to no competition) vs Nintendo at their lowest (with a very lackluster handheld and a home console that didn't take off).

I didn't leave anything out at all, WiiU was not a success for them! But what you can't seem to acknowledge is that even with both companies in their current positions, Sony is barely out doing Nintendo in the area of profits being made. I'm not some delusional fanboy to think that Nintendo will ever reach Wii/DS profits again. But as I said, even if they reached the half way mark of that era that is way beyond what Sony could even think of generating anytime soon.

You must think of Nintendo doing well being tied to consoles and handhelds only, when clearly Nintendo is factoring in the amusement park deal, movies, mobile games and fully leveraging their IP's. Angry Birds and Candy Crush were insane on mobile, so what do you think Pokémon Go and whatever else they have cooked up is going to be like for them.

The biggest difference is I can argue facts back and forth all day. I'm not defending any of Nintendo's mistakes and in fact they've made lots of them this generation. But even at their lowest, hitting rock bottom and losing money for the first time in 30+yrs. They still have billions of dollars in the bank and no debt whatsoever. The only reason I bring this up is because it's comments like yours and Lol_Wut that try to paint Nintendo in some dire, desperate situation all of the time in EVERY, EVERY Nintendo article...

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