Star Wars Battlefront's free trial on EA Access: 10 hours with the whole game

Subscribers to EA Access will be limited to 10 hours of play with Star Wars Battlefront during the game's sneak preview period beginning Nov. 12, but all parts of the full release will be available to try out.

SpaceRanger2950d ago

That's cool!

I bet the 9+ million people who played it early in October during the beta gave plenty of feedback for them to tweak it a bit before launch. I'm sure we'll get more details and video on maps and content now since they'll be streaming it next week.

Persistantthug2950d ago

I think this sucks.
They are giving you a 10 hour WINDOW. That means that when you start playing, you only have 10 hours from then........and then it's over. Couldn't they even have given you a 24 hour window? I'm not impressed with this at all.

traumadisaster2950d ago

READ the article, no not 10 hour WINDOW. 10 hours of play, friend.

Persistantthug2950d ago

You're right. Apparently I misunderstood what was being said......Mea culpa. Thank you for pointing that out to me.

Allsystemgamer2950d ago

Interesting. I have EA access. Got it for my ps4 though...oh well. I guess I can get used to it and smoke the new people online lol

_-EDMIX-_2950d ago

He might want the better performance, or play it with friends on PS4.

If he owns an XONE and has EA access, I see no reason to not play it early lol. You can still have both consoles and pick a different version for different reasons.

I own a gaming PC and I'm still getting this on my PS4.

As...you don't know my PC set up, my friends on PS4 etc. More might factor into why he is getting it on one platform then you might think.

divinealpha2950d ago

Ea access isn't for ps4 though

Aenea2949d ago

I think he meant to say he has both a PS4 and an X1, has EA Access on X1 but ordered Battlefront for the PS4 instead...

Doesn't mean he can't play a bit on the X1 early tho and then switch to the PS4 version when it actually releases...

Immorals2950d ago

Missed the beta so got access to try this out! Will be hard putting Fallout 4 down though.

ASSASSYN2950d ago (Edited 2950d ago )

Great opportunity given it is the final build. You will have a better first experience than any beta player. I liked the gameplay a lot. Just not feeling the absent content I believe should be in there. So I will wait for it to hit the vault.

hudsoniscool2950d ago

But this is not a good service, right guys?

Aenea2949d ago

Indeed it's not!

Thing is, this 10 hours of playing new games early is the only thing that would be of interest to me and it really is just a glorified demo then that you have to pay monthly for. All the other benefits are totally lost on me (not a sports game fan, the games in the library are either sports or games I already own or am interested in to owning), the discount which is only on digital games still makes the digital games more expensive than shopping around for a good deal on a physical copy, etc., etc.

Plus I really do not like the idea of all the other big publishers wanting to do the same damn thing and pay for them too, afterall it's such a good deal apparently for many of people why wouldn't they find it a good deal when the other publishers do the same? In the end it's not gonna be just $5 a month, but $5 for each...

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