New Arcade-Exclusive Shmup Skycurser Gets Gory Gameplay Footage

Remember the glory days of arcade gaming? Well, the team behind Skycurser sure dooes. Slated to be released next year, Skycurser is a new horizontal, “meat-on-metal”, shoot ‘em up slated to be released exclusively in arcades.

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dead_pixels1263d ago

We need more new arcade games.

derkasan1263d ago

Looks like a long-forgotten Neo-Geo game. I like it!

Godmars2901263d ago

Where's an arcade?

What's an arcade?

syne491263d ago

I really hope I see this at one of the local arcades around me because it looks stellar.

dead_pixels1263d ago

Keep an eye on the game's official Facebook page. They've been sharing location test venues that'll help you keep tabs on a cabinet near you.

FlexLuger1263d ago

Man I miss the arcade days. Sega world and trocadero in london was the place to be if you wanted to play the best of the best. love my shmups. Anybody remember aero blasters?

dead_pixels1263d ago

Aero Blasters was fantastic!

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