Yokai Watch Could Be the Next HUGE Nintendo Franchise in the West

Yokai Watch is big in Japan. Not just a little big, or something that is big "for a Japanese game." No, Yokai Watch is massive, even when comparing the game to others that have released in North America and Europe. The only difference? The game has not even launched yet in the west.

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yuukiliu3185d ago (Edited 3185d ago )

This game is big in Japan. For children. 10x more so than Pokemon. I played this game a couple years ago. It was fun and cute but the combat was way too simple and ending up being pretty boring after a while. And the monsters(while cool) are very obscure unless you are into Japanese folk tales. Maybe they changed some stuff up for the western release but I really don't see this game becoming a second Pokemon in the West. Who knows maybe kids in the West will enjoy it as much as kids in Japan.
This game actually sold pretty poorly when it first released, it was thanks to the anime that it started selling much better. Months after the original release.
I did enjoy this game, but not enough to buy the second game or its spin offs and I have zero interest in the 3rd game.
Yokai watch is much more than a video game in Japan. It has anime, manga, arcade games(that you buy tokay medals to play) and a ton of goods on sale. They even had an amusement park for it(for kids) I just don't see all this being that popular in the west. Kids just have so much more to choose from now unlike when pokemon hit when I was young and it seemed like every kid I knew was playing it(including me)

Ck1x3185d ago

I'm sure people felt the same way about Pokémon back when it got huge. There's always been something big in the marketplace, so to say that Yokai Watch may not be as popular because there's so many things kids have to choose from is nonsense.

I think the competition is even less now because Pokémon broke that mold so many years ago. The Internet and social media today has created a vacuum for when things are done right a very obscure Japanese IP can instantly become the next big thing overnight in the western markets...

yuukiliu3185d ago

This game just won't. Main reason is...it just isn't that a great of a game. Pokemon is a for real JRPG that can be played by children. This is a Kiddy RPG. The combat sucks. You spin a little wheel with six Yokai on it, you can't tell them, attack/defend, magic blablabla. The fights are autobot. The only thing you do is spin the wheel to put 3 Yokai into battle and give 3 injured Yokai hamburgers or sushi and play the 'oogi' mini game(which would be fun if they gave you 15 or more different types) not just 4. And most kids these days are playing Minecraft, CoD, mobile games or...well, Pokemon. A game about Japanese folk monsters(with mediocre gameplay) isn't going to interest your average North American, European child. I would be shocked if this game became as popular as Pokemon in the west.

Ck1x3185d ago

It's just very small minded thinking to assume that kids won't like Yokai Watch because of something you may not enjoy, or the fact that Minecraft or CoD are popular. Kids don't only eat chicken nuggets and French fries, this notion that people can only like so many items is the weirdest thing in the world.

We are in the age of multitasking, where people love to watch 25 different shows on TV or subscribe to 7 different social apps even though they all do similar things. Disney movies still sell well, Pokémon is still doing well, Pixar movies are still doing well, How to Train your Dragon was a big thing.

I can go on and on with examples, but people just don't live in these conformed boxes that people would like to imagine. In this day in age if people find it interesting and it has a hook, they'll entertain it for awhile.

Takwin3185d ago

My daughter is definitely looking forward this game, my is only a mild fan of Pokemon. I think the game looks great and have already ordered it for Christmas.

Summons753185d ago

Have you played the demo? It's not very good. I don't know what Japan sees in it but the demo I played was just terrible. Really wanted it to be the "Pokemon killer" everyone has been calling it to be but nope, just a meh game.


Yo-kai Watch 5th Anniversary Title Presentation set for June 27

Level-5 will host a “Yo-kai Watch 5th Anniversary Title Presentation” on June 27, where it will announce its previously teased new entry in the series. The presentation will be live streamed on YouTube.


Yo-Kai Watch: The Movie Airing on TV this Weekend

Hardcore Gamer: For those who wore a Wazzat on their heads and forgot to see Yo-Kai Watch: The Movie in theaters, fear not! Fans of the television series and video games who missed out on the limited run Fathom event in select cinemas will have the chance to catch it on television.

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Level-5 Games Will Be Coming to the Nintendo Switch

Publisher behind Ni no Kuni and Yo-Kai Watch plan to bring future titles to Nintendo's new home console.

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Kashima2823d ago

Why not bring most of their games on PS4 too?

BrandanT2823d ago

Competition drives the business more than whomever may be the current top seller.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory2823d ago

Because one thing is. Audience.

kowan2822d ago

They're already making a big Ps4 JRPG though. Also most of Level 5's games are exclusive to Nintendo devices so it's only natural they continue with the Switch.

wonderfulmonkeyman2821d ago (Edited 2821d ago )

Because Sony already has more than enough third parties.
Switch is in much greater need of good exclusives from third parties than ps4 is.

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TheColbertinator2822d ago

Yokai Watch for Switch hopefully

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory2822d ago


It's possible. If they do bring to the Switch it will be Yo-Kai Watch 4 of course.

ThatGuyDart2822d ago

All I want is Ni No Kuni 2 with the original packed in as a pre-order bonus. Ni No Kuni was the best JRPG last generation

Omnislashver362822d ago

I'd argue Lost Odyssey, but I haven't played Ni No Kuni yet. I'd definitely try it on Switch though!

Segata2821d ago


Also Dragon's Crown
Earth Seeker
The Last Story
Valkyrie Chronicles
Kingdoms of Amalur
Dragon Age Origins
Fragile Dreams

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory2821d ago (Edited 2812d ago )

one the best.
Ni No Kuni have to battle
Xenoblade Chronicles
Blue Dragon
Tales of Verpseria
Lost Odyssey
for that spot.

Having to played all five and beaten all but Lost Odyssey(I still can if wanted to) Xenoblade Chronicles is the best.

Rangerman12082812d ago (Edited 2812d ago )

I'm guessing you only have an Xbox 360 and a Wii because you missed some other great JRPGS on the Playstation like Persona, Tales of Symphonia HD, Trails of Cold Steel, Disgaea, Valkyria Chronicles, Demon's Souls, etc. Hell, even Yakuza because of its RPG elements.

Segata2821d ago

Ni No Kuni battle system needed work. It's the wrong kind of battle system for a grind heavy game. I have the Wizards Edition btw so not blindly hating it. Battle system been fine if the game had occasional battles and not a grind heavy game. I like grinding I do it in DQ games. Ni no Kuni was off balance in that regard so never finished it.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory2821d ago

That was my one of my only complaints about Ni No Kuni as well as the annoying Drippy.

wonderfulmonkeyman2821d ago

I'd argue that Bravely Default is a good contender for best jrpg.

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