Halo 5: Guardians Smashes Record with Biggest Halo Launch in History

One week after launching worldwide, Halo 5: Guardians has made history as the biggest Halo launch and fastest-selling Xbox One exclusive game to-date, with more than $400 million in global sales of Halo 5: Guardians games and hardware, pushing the franchise to over $5 billion lifetime. With the highest week one attach rate for a Microsoft first party title on Xbox One, the game was the most played of any game on Xbox One, as well as the most played on Xbox Live.

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JMaine5182884d ago

Congrats 343! Been having a blast playing the MP.

I see MS is coupling software and hardware into that $400 Million. Does that include consoles, controllers, headsets, digital sales, microtransactions, etc?

That's some A1 PR if so.

butchertroll2884d ago

Quote :I see MS is coupling software and hardware into that $400 Million. Does that include consoles, controllers, headsets, digital sales, microtransactions, etc?

YES! All is included. We don't know exactly how many copies sold overall ( besides UK and Japan).

yarbie10002884d ago

You don't know UK and Japan either. No one has digital sales which is what most of my friends purchased.

Who cares about sales. Point is, Halo is still very much relevant no matter what people who don't own the console say. And tons of people are having a blast. Best multiplayer of any Halo i've seen.

Let the haters begin with the disagrees.

butchertroll2884d ago (Edited 2884d ago )

Japan is around 7k, UK is 150k physical copies. Revenue was 7.7 mil. £ in UK. Calculate : 40£ x 150k copies are 6 mil.£ Where is the 1.7£? Answer is microtransactions, digital sales, bundles, limited editions, accessories etc. All is included in REVENUE.

Revenue for H2 and 3 at launch in UK:

Halo 2 - £9.7 million / 260,000 units
Halo 3 - £16.9 million / 370,000 units

Dark112884d ago


Lol people already disagreeing with you

i guess we can call this site GAF 2.0 LMAO.

nix2884d ago (Edited 2884d ago )

400 million - everything put together. not games only. hardware also.

mixed up numbers again.

if it was game only it would come around 6~7 million copies sold. clearly. it's not that. so even if we half the sale, it's still a good 3.5 millions. that's good but not so good for a Halo.

don't burn me please.. i'm just going by what MS said. having said that it's fun to see the "blind" ones here who missed the big word - hardware.

NewMonday2884d ago

usually after a big game launch publishers just give the actual game sales, MS is not giving out the number like they usually do.

S2Killinit2884d ago

There is conflicting news about the sales. In those territories where we have actual units sold announced, halo 5 didnt do as well as previous halos it seems.

Kingthrash3602884d ago (Edited 2884d ago )

What is it with MS and the use of "*"<------?
I mean I'm happy for halo...the mp was a success the games sold as expected so why bloat numbers? Smh...was it or wasn't it the best selling halo game? Just simply give us the numbers, or don't. ..but if anything don't bloat your numbers it's puts a negative light on something otherwise great. I don't think Xbox one has the install base to out sell halo 4 or 3...but I guess we won't know until they release real numbers. I guess they need some after hype. Or some ammo for the "war" ...I don't know but this is just deception with numbers.

LastcenuryRob2884d ago

I doubt they will release any solid sales numbers of units sold until after this Christmas. With Black Friday coming up and all the Holidays it doesn't make much sense to list it yet.

nix2884d ago (Edited 2884d ago )

One more time for those blind ones:

H.A.R.D.W.A.R.E. I.N.C.L.U.D.E.D.

Major_Glitch2884d ago

Congratulations 343! This proves beyond a shadow of a...wait...what? That $400 million figure also includes HARDWARE SALES?! Um...ok. Kinda of an odd thing to do. $400 million in software AND hardware sales is good right? Whatever. At least it's the highest rated Halo in the...wait...what?

choujij2884d ago

Fortunately many of us have learned to read between the lines. It's just a shame that they keep coming up with new and clever ways of boasting without giving out the details to show where things really stand.

christocolus2884d ago (Edited 2884d ago )

Man this is awesome. Halo5 and all Halo 5 merchandise selling more than $400mil is amazing. Awesome job 343i. The mp is simply amazing and it will keep this game going for a very long time now get to work on Halo 6 and allow Joseph Staten pen the story this time and lastly Lmao at those trying hard to downplay this. however you wanna spin this,please know that $400mil is hot cash from Halo 5 and all its related sales(Halo 5 merchandise) and guess what? it's all going into MS Bank account. They've made even more money from Halo 5 once again. take it however you want but this is some good news for MS and 343i. simply beautiful.

FITgamer2884d ago

So what i'm getting from this is Halo 5 is the best selling Xbox One exclusive, not best selling Halo? Also the $400 million is the LE console and game sales combined? No transparency with these guys.

WowSoChill2884d ago


If Microsoft gave the exact sales numbers, if they told you Sony fans everything that you wanted to know, if they satisfied every single inquiry that any of you ever had, you would STILL find something to complain about, so just drop it guys, let down your defensive flags of righteousness and just move on already, because everyone knows the deal

downplay and justify is all i hear from some of you towards Microsoft

4Sh0w2884d ago (Edited 2884d ago )

Great job 343...awesome game, gonna join some friends 'n get my daily fix tonight.

nix2884d ago


But they didn't give transparent details.

Instead of pointing fingers at Sony pro camp why don't you ask MS to give software numbers? Why don't you ask MS to give you hardware numbers instead of this "combined", "attach rates" mumbo jumbos.

Don't you want to know how well your favourite game console is doing? It'll help you to predict future, like how well the devs are going to support it. If it sells less, less devs might make games for it. Look at Wii U.

I suggest instead of defending stupid PR bullshit please stand up and start asking questions. You've invested in their business by buying a console from them, you deserve to know the fact.

Ron_Danger2884d ago (Edited 2884d ago )


Maybe it's cause MS suddenly stopped reporting sales figures of the XB1 after years and years of gloating and bragging with the 360. Maybe it's because they are reporting only XBLive accounts (which spans 2 consoles and PC).

And now they're including hardware with sales of Halo 5?!!

Stop playing the victim card and start objectively looking at these shady business practices. You guys would be all over Sony if this was the case.

Edit: @nix you're too quick 😂

XanderZane2884d ago

Hhhmm.. I think it only includes the Halo 5 game (digital/physical) and the HALO 5 hardware bundles. Where does it sale anything about controllers, headsets, microtransactions, etc? lol!! I think people are reaching. I'm sure by the end of the year they will have sold at least 4+ million worldwide.

BitbyDeath2884d ago (Edited 2884d ago )

That sure is some crazy spin, firstly by Halo history they are referring to Xbox One history meaning Master Chief Collection only and then they include hardware into the equation for it to beat MCC meaning it actually sold less copies but the hardware is obviously selling better than last year.

Just crazy the lengths they go to save face.

lowkey100112884d ago

When they say hardware they are including the limited halo 5 edition xbox one fyi.

UnHoly_One2884d ago

OMG why does anyone care enough to argue about this????

BG115792884d ago

Next week on Xbox Live News : The number of shoots fired since the game came out!!!! Yeah!!!!!!

tuglu_pati2884d ago (Edited 2884d ago )

People really want this game to fail.... huh?

MS made $400 million in global sales, does it matter how they made it? It doesn't matter if it includes consoles, controllers, headsets, digital sales, microtransactions... They still made $400 millions on Halo 5 launch week, if that's not success, then i don't know what it is.

awi59512884d ago

@ Ron_Danger

Sony pulled the same crap when xbox 360 was kicking their butt in sales month after month and you were fine with it. Sony would say the Playstation family outsold everyone this month. They counted the ps2 and psp in sales numbers for years and the ps 2 outsold the ps3 the first 3 years it was out.

Mr Pumblechook2884d ago (Edited 2884d ago )

Congrats. Gamers seem to really be enjoying the multiplayer. But there is a bit of spin in the statement!

* It IS the biggest Xbox One exclusive, as is to be expected as it is the first time the flagship series has been on the new console in an original game.

* it ISN'T the best opening week sales for a Halo game, check GAF for the numbers but in the UK Halo 2, Halo 3, Halo Reach, Halo 4 have all sold better in the same period.

The game hasn't failed, im sure there is a very high attachment rate. However when Halo 3 launched on 360 it sold far better. This coupled with Microsoft's decision to not reveal sales figures indicates the XBO install base is lower than what people were told it is.

MazzingerZ2884d ago (Edited 2884d ago )

You mean PS2 was the outselling X360 big time?? PS3 outsold X360 worldwide From the very start...I do not think you have checked the right sources

Halo will always sell good but one thing is True, this is the first Halo that launches without getting all spotlights...SW game, Fallout 4, Sony Paris Game conf... that's very un-Halo...consumers not into Halo doesn't see it as the biggest thing happening in gaming this autumn

I have been a Halo fan for a long time but for some reason the Halo 2 times and greateness looks so far today...it's not the same anymore...old farts knows what I mean...those slayer rooms going on for days..The awesomess!!

2884d ago
Ezz20132884d ago (Edited 2884d ago )

This has to be the best most mindblowing twisted PR i have ever seen from Microsoft yet.

*Slow clap*

And now they include Hardware sales into aoftware sales...did that ever happen before ?!

Man, Dat PR

donthate2884d ago

Man, this is the start of a new Halo era with 343i at the helm. Fantastic!

It is the best Halo released thus far!!! :D

Foehammer2884d ago

butchertroll is right...

MS may have sold $400,000,000 worth of consoles in 1 week/s

How terrible would that be/s

Shareholders would be outraged/s

$400,000,000 consoles in 1 week = bad/s

DashArrivals2884d ago

@ donthate... umm... I heard it's not even close, and that came from unbiased Halo fans. Thanks for coming

Mehmeh2883d ago

"Oh no, the competitor of my console of choice, my arch enemy in life, is stating something with a hint of being positive, i must act upon this by writing something negative, quickly now"