Hooked Gamers: Master of the Monster Lair Preview

It takes a lot for a game developer to build up a cult following in the gaming community. The key ingredients are lots of solid titles, a distinctive style, and (usually) some funky sort of name that gamers can associate themselves with. A prime example of this is Square, producers of such noteworthy franchises like Final Fantasy or Kingdom Hearts. However, companies like this are few and far between.

Luckily, a Japanese developer is making a bid for entry into this exclusive club. Atlus, known mostly for their successful RPG titles, has now got a new game in the works, which should definitely bolster their status as cult developer. Let's take a look at their newest creation, Master of the Monster Lair.

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PS360WII3721d ago

I like it. Atlus at it again :)

Sounds like they are even gimping the level grinder >< with only getting exp and extra health from eating at your house. The rarer the food though the better which can be found all the way at the bottom of the dungeons you make ^^