Xbox 360 cheats never prosper, do they? An article on cheating over Xbox live

Article looking at Xbox live cheats, what type of people they are and what we can do, if anything, to stop them.

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Zerodin4351d ago

I didn't know people still used cheat codes!

jonnyvito4351d ago

Which idiot reported this as they say that noone cheats on XBox live ??? you're having a laugh. there's loads of cheats out there.

rroded4351d ago

cheats and online gaming are a universal problem sure wish the consoles would crack down on em. Ban em from live or psn each time they get caught maybe a 3 strike and your box is banned for a year or whatever. Imo the glitchers and laggers suck the fun right out of the game.

jonnyvito4351d ago

Yeah, I've given up on certain games. It's a shame

sak5004350d ago

The only time i felt someone cheating was in BF:BC, i kept getting knifed without any enemy around me. Must be glitch or hack or something. I was spawning and suddenly being knifed wiht no one around.

sovietsoldier4350d ago

bfbc is a game that got me fire up about cheating. you work your ass off to get a high score so your true skill,badges and everything else gos up. then someone boosts and gets 10,000 points from cheating and steals my honestly earned stuff. i have felt that xbox live does need a overhaul on feedback and filing a complaint. screen shots or a video record feature for filing a complaint would work great for cheating. i used it with great success on players in bfbc to get there stats reset.

the only way to teach cheaters a lesion is to ban them for life!

DevastationEve4350d ago

im almost afraid to go online in SC4 or gears. they're just too animalistic in these online matches, no sportsmanship whatsoever. you might come across the few good people out there sooner or later, but not before you've been owned like 35534323423times. sure, maybe that means you're not a frigign bloodsport gladiator friggin survivalist, but i don't think online gaming ever should have been that way.

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