Pocket Gamer Reviews: Frogger: Beats & Bounces

Pocket Gamer writes:

Spend a Friday or Saturday night out in the bars or clubs of almost any provincial town in the UK, and you'll come across scores of men and women who should really know better. Heading towards their forties and squeezed into outfits that would barely fit a toddler, these people routinely stampede towards the dancefloor in their local Chicago Rock, busting their moves to a Meat Loaf classic. While the DJ plays Abba.

Yes, if excursions such as these prove anything, it's that a startling number of us have absolutely no sense of rhythm. You might expect, then, that a game designed to test that very same sense of rhythm (or lack thereof) would be a veritable expert by comparison, making use of the technology at its fingertips to deliver a precision-based package.

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