Analyze This: Wrapping Up the Year in Gaming

They are the professional analysts whose job it is to research, keep track of, advise their clients, and opine to the media about the gaming business. Analyze This cuts right to the chase: Rather than reporting on a subject, and throwing in quotes by analysts to support or refute a point, Gamasutra offers up a timely question pertaining to the business side of the video game industry and simply lets the analysts offer their thoughts directly to you. Each person's opinion is his or her own and will (probably) not necessarily agree with their fellow colleagues'.

As the year 2006 winds down, the analysts take time to reflect and look back at how the industry fared this year...

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TheMART5261d ago


Sorry mr. Pachter, what are you saying again???

"Sony promised nothing (yes, they screwed up the quantities, but did not suggest that retailers advertise or take [PS3] pre-orders); consumers expected nothing,"

Sony give promisses constantly they can't deliver on... Not only about the quantities they would have these holidays (6 million was it, then 4, then 2, then 500k and it became something like half of that). Also about launch dates, first spring 2006 world wide, then holidays 2006 world wide, now Europe even delayed untill spring 2007 (A WHOLE FREAKING YEAR TOO LATE)

Sony promised nothing, consumers expected nothing right? They expected everything but got nothing as expected. The games cross-platform are better on the 360, the 360 has the best and most exclusives and this years hit Gears of War. The Wii does motion sensing right, the PS3 is having kiddy play motion sensing...

Get some real analists inthere guys. This one is a major f*ckup

wildcat5261d ago

I think they all tried to put an unbiased analysis out there and they backed themselves up with stats. You on the other hand, well, you sort of did the opposite.

solideagle15260d ago

1st of all where is ur attach rate sh*t.

and have u read the article
"I think Microsoft over-promised on the 360, led a lot of consumers to believe that there would be millions at launch, and these consumers stopped buying anything (through March) while waiting for their Xbox 360s to arrive."
now where is this from sorry guys not bashing 360 but i hate ppl when they write same old sh*t again and again....its almost 1 year reading some best of the best comments and BRAINS of fanboys. And tell u the truth MART has won all of them.

FFVIIFan5260d ago

I think the 360 and more so the PS3 were over hyped at launch. One thing that everyone said in common though that I have to agree with is that around the same time next year, the picture will relatively even for all the consules, except for the Wii as there is a possability that some will view it as a novality rather than a legit system.