A much more accurate look at Fallout 4’s map size: 7000x the original estimated scale

Earlier today, Game Revolution posted an image of a map of Fallout 4, pegging it at around 145,800 square feet. It seems the site was off. By a factor of 7,000. Yes, seven thousand. Here's our much more accurate look at the likely size of Fallout 4.

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crazychris41241266d ago (Edited 1266d ago )

Think they said it was a little bigger than Skyrim so Im expecting at 15 least square miles

SolidStoner1266d ago

leaks... leaks never changes!

rdgneoz31266d ago

Hard trying to ignore all the spoiler leaks these days. Gonna tide myself over till release next week by seeing Ron Perlman this coming weekend (he's at RI comic con).

As for the map, it was easy to see it was well over 145k square feet. Boston Commons alone is about 50 acres (IRL) which is 2,178,000ft². It won't be exactly the 1 to 1, but it's hard to imagine the whole game fitting in a little over a city block.

Also, thought this works well for people traveling the map next week:

TheCommentator1266d ago


To add to your perspective, a Wal Mart is around the same size as the original map estimate(and usually full of the same types of people typically found roaming the wastelands too, lol).

BrandanT1266d ago (Edited 1266d ago )

"See the map below, but disregard its scale. At a minimum, we’d expect each segment of the map to be about 550,000 square feet, or about 1,700,000 square feet as an absolute maximum. At a total of roughly 729 segments on the map, we’d peg the size of Fallout 4 between 400 million square feet (14.3 square miles) and 1.2 billion square feet (43 square miles)."

Okay, I really hate downplaying hype, especially on this site, but this shouldn't be important to consider if the range of their estimate is so large. The maximum is more than than thrice the minimum value. That is a really big range, you can't really deny that.

Oh, if any of you counter my argument by saying the quote says "disregard the scale" it just proves that the author does not know the size and the estimate is practically useless. If you can't make a good scale, how can the estimate be trusted?

ifinitygamer1266d ago (Edited 1266d ago )

Hi BrandanT.
The estimate of the scale is based on the size of Skyrim to just under three times the size of Skyrim, which is where most estimates are putting the size of the game, and Todd Howard has said it might be about the size of Skyrim. Of course no one will know the actual size until the game's release, but that is why there is such a huge range from our minimum to maximum guess.

KyRo1266d ago

Being massive don't really mean much in fallout. Fallout 3 used the same assets over and over again which was plain lazy. What's the point in having a massive open world if everything looks the same bar a few key locations?

Fallout 3 will forever be the most over hyped broken mess of a game that I'll never forget. GOTY became obsolete after F3 won it.

Livecustoms1266d ago

Please give me some of the drugs you take !!

KyRo1266d ago

I want to know the drugs everyone else is taking when it comes to fallout! The first two were incredible. The third was a bug ridden mess with terrible animations, sub par voice acting a terrible frame rate. Other games have these and they get ripped to shreds but oh no, Bethesda do it and it's completely acceptable to praise it to high heaven.

I'm not knocking FO4 it can't be any worse than FO3 for me and fair play to Bethesda they upped their game up going from Oblivvion to Skyrim so hopefully they can do it with FO4.

CptFalcon1266d ago

How does it feel to be a nagging contrarian?

Swiggins1266d ago

Okay, I know that's your opinion, and you're entitled to it...

But your opinion is bad and you should feel bad.

BrandanT1266d ago

Wooow! After reading the comments on this site for about a year - the fanbase here is really aggressive negative opinions, even if a person brings up some decent points.

greenisthebest1266d ago

most of ppl dont remember vanilla fallout 3 and they will not remember vanilla fallout 4.

TLG19911266d ago

Can't wait for this massive map to fast travel around..

but seriously are we really getting to the point where we are measuring Sq feet of a map. we know its going to be a decent size, im more interested in what's in that size. it could all be baron far all we know.

roll on the 10th

Ocsta1266d ago

I'm going to try only fast travelling by Vertibird which means a lot of walking in my future. Believe me, that tends to stretch out the map in a big way.

greenisthebest1266d ago

its the real reason why they dont add cars...

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