PS4 Exclusive The King of Fighters XIV Gets New Trailer: Reveals Leona and Chang Koehan

During Sony Computer Entertainment Korea’s press conference currently being held before the opening of G-Star in Pusan, the house of PlayStation showcased a new trailer of the upcoming The King of Fighters XIV.

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Majin-vegeta1268d ago (Edited 1268d ago )

Hmm at first I didnt like the character designs but they;re starting to grow on me.

Sweet both this&SF5 will take up my fighting game needs.

Why o why1268d ago

Never been a fan of KoF but sony are trying to corner the fighting game market. Relentless

TheColbertinator1268d ago

I'd kill for a SNK vs Capcom reboot

Majin-vegeta1268d ago

No reboot just SNK vs Capcom 3.

DivineAssault 1268d ago

Wow, even more exclusives lol.. When PSX gets here, its going to be overkill.. I would like for xb and even wii u fans to get the chance to try games like this too but no dice.. Sony is going to own damn near all the market share if they keep this up..

gangsta_red1266d ago

Chang?! Terrible choice to have in the game.

The character designs for Kyo and Iori are horrid. Loved the look Kyo had in 13 and sorry but Iori without his classic garbs just feels generic.

AT least we got to see some gameplay which looks fast paced and combo centric. Unfortunately it still looks like a very low budget freshman attempt to make a 3D graphic style game.