PSP/Phone merge

DCEmu posts: "You want a PSP Phone, seems some Hardware hackers have beaten us all to it!"

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RevN8r3726d ago

I couldn't help but think of the CameraPhone from Flight of the Conchords XD


im holding out on the iphone cause i know that the PSP phone is gonna be AWSUM,huuuuuuurry please.CALL B3YOND!!!

Skerj3726d ago

I'm sorry but that sh*t's ugly man, you might as well buy an NGage.

enjoi1873726d ago

lame...dont even looks like it will play the games ahah

Fade_Walker3726d ago

How are you suppoed to play the games?

An intresting idea, they should replace the current PSP screen and replace it with a touch screen. It could work for games as well as dialing numbers.

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