Worthplaying Review: Unreal Tournament III

WP reports:

''You know what the Xbox 360 needs? No, not reliable hardware or some kind of IQ limit placed on the headset and microphone - what it really needs is more first-person shooters. I mean, sure we've got Battlefield, Call of Duty 4, The Darkness, F.E.A.R., Frontlines, GRAW, Halo 3, Medal of Honor, The Orange Box, Perfect Dark Zero, Quake Wars, Rainbow Six, Shadow Run, Timeshift and Turning Point, but ... I'm sorry, I seem to have forgotten my point. Or changed my mind. Yeah, if anything, this system doesn't need any more first-person shooters; it's got enough of the most hardcore genre to last the whole generation. Now the most hardcore of them all wants to join the party, and despite the genre's saturation over the console, I'm actually really pleased to see Unreal Tournament 3 join the Xbox 360. I've missed it.

For anyone who is somehow not aware of what to expect from the words "first-person shooter," this is what Unreal Tournament 3 involves: From a first-person perspective, you shoot the enemies with various meaty weapons. The action takes place in a futuristic environment and continues firmly in Epic's tradition of making anatomically unlikely heroes cause things to go boom without breaking a sweat or ever being short of an action film witticism to fill the space. Of course, in the case of Unreal, it's also an arena shooter, which means that it lacks a story and has a series of scenarios in its place, including capture the flag and team deathmatch.''

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