How Much Has Splatoon’s Free DLC Improved The Game?

Splatoon changed a lot since it first launched. So how much have these updates really helped? Nintendo Enthusiast gives you an updated take on Nintendo's colorful online shooter.

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AKR1262d ago

I've thoroughly enjoyed Splatoon since I bought it.

I actually got it back in September, so I really can't say I've experienced the "big change", but I can definitely say this it's as addicting as Super Smash Bros and Mario Kart; and that's a very good thing.

wonderfulmonkeyman1262d ago

Well, the base game itself got Nintendo fans to invest in a shooter, something which Call of Duty failed to do.

And the free DLC spaced in properly timed release intervals has extended interest over a much longer term than if it only got a big burst of larger updates only three or four times.

So I'd say the DLC has helped quite a bit.