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Omega Force, the developers behind all of the Warriors seem to have been busy throwing their hack ‘n’ slash franchise together with every big IP under the sun. However they show no signs of slowing down as here comes their latest collaboration with RPG powerhouse Square Enix for Dragon Quest Heroes: The World Tree’s Blight and the World Below. The crossovers they produce are usually well received but essentially they’re just a typical Warriors game re-skinned with characters and environments from another franchise. What makes this crossover so different is that it goes the extra step to create a near perfect game blend.

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The_GameBolt1265d ago

I wonder if there will be additional Dragon Quest Heroes games in the future.

Majin-vegeta1265d ago

Yes SE is already working on DQ:H 2 and apparently that one will have some sort of co op

Edward751265d ago

Once I found out there was no co-op it became a "buy and play at my leisure".

For me, co-op makes it a day one buy.

Silly Mammo1265d ago

Got 30 hours on this game and having a blast. I wish there was co-op too. Would love to play this with my son.

I hate the menus though. Having to buy and sell multiple same items individually really stinks.

Letthewookiewin1265d ago

This game is fantastic. I was really surprised that I liked as much as I did because Dynasty warriors type games never impressed me.

syotos771265d ago

This was a lot more interesting than dynasty warriors for me but it just wasn't enough to hold my interest. I never really felt compelled to keep playing, the rpg elements weren't very interesting, and leveling up felt kinda slow. I loved the combat and art style guess this just isn't my kind of game.