Toast Custom Console Skins Can Give the Xbox One and PS4 a Sleek Woodgrain Finish

EB: Toast has a new type of skin cover for the PS4 and Xbox One that can transform the device into a handcrafted piece of wood laden art.

These woodgrain finish skins come in four colors: walnut, ash, bamboo and ebony. They’re cut from real wood veneer and finished by hand to create a highly polished look. The skin only adds .8mm of thickness, so the protection it gives your consoles, as well as the new look, won’t add a ton of bulk to the game machines. The skins also do not cover any vents, so the consoles can breathe just fine.

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TheCommentator1266d ago

Great, now my 8th gen console can look like an Atari 2600.

level 3601266d ago

Think the wood ash and ebony looks best with the XBox ONE, while the bamboo and wood ash for the PS4.