Crave Previews: Prince of Persia

Crave's Jeff Bakalar writes:

We got a chance to sit down with the new Prince of Persia game from Ubisoft Montreal last night at the company's New York showcase. We got a much better idea at what we can expect this time around including the story of the game and the role our new female companion Elika will play.

First off, you can forget most of what you already know about the Prince of Persia series. It was made very clear to us that this new Prince game is a huge departure from what we're normally used to. Most apparent is the brand new art style in the game. We don't want to call it cel-shaded, but it definitely borrows a few components from that technique. Up-close, the details on the Prince and Elika are astonishing, as are those in the enormous environments you'll be playing in.

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