Final Fantasy XIII and Versus XIII Scans Translation

While the Versus and FFXIII screens appear to be real time, Shonen Jump is purely looking at them. There is no mention in the text whatsoever as to whether they're real-time or CG.

Actually, there is no real information at all in these pages. The captions below the screenshots simply describe what you can plainly see ("A young blond haired girl stares at a mysterious looking picture. She appears to be wearing a white dress."). The other blurb on the Versus XIII page basically asks if there's a connection between the main character we've seen all along and the blond girl in the new shots. "Is she his enemy? We really want to know!"

As for Final Fantasy XIII, other than the upper-right shot where it's revealed that the solid water sprays are actually a lake that crystallized the moment the large mysterious object in the center fell into the water, all the information is regarding the playable copy to be included with Advent Children Complete. Even the Advent Children Complete release date is still TBA. It does mention there will be new scenes, however no new info or mention of gameplay footage vs. CG.

The captions for the Final Fantasy XIII shots:

(Above): Atop the solidified lake, we see the main characters. The thing she says she saw [in the screenshot dialogue] is the Lower World-dwelling girl introduced earlier!

(Left): And then suddenly, a voice commanding them to halt! The main characters have been surrounded by enemy soldiers! Why are they being followed...?

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More like real time traitors.....

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I absolutly adore FFXIII's artstyle...