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Relientk771082d ago

It actually looks sorta cool

Hopefully Blizzard is also working on Warcraft 4

OpieWinston1082d ago

Sadly we aren't getting Warcraft 4 until Legacy of Void ships next week. So long time now.

OpieWinston1082d ago

And it looks like it'll be a video game movie done right. Blizzcon is almost here.

Timesplitter141082d ago (Edited 1082d ago )

I dunno, looks like it's going to be a terrible bland action blockbuster kind of film like Avengers or Transformers. How many more trailers with "WAR. IS. COMING." must we endure?

I wish movie directors didn't take us for 12 year olds.

thekhurg1082d ago (Edited 1082d ago )

Since the movie is set in a time of the lore where Doomhammer goes to war I think it's a fitting phrase...

OpieWinston1082d ago

Do you know anything about Warcraft lore? This was established a long time ago and they're doing it justice.

Easy for even non Warcraft fans to watch.

Spenok1082d ago

I've never been to big a WoW fan, just could never get into it. I do however love its lore and I'm definitely interested in seeing this movie. It looks like it will be entertaining for sure.

MilkMan1082d ago

Looks good. Like Lord of the Rings on steroids.

Timesplitter141082d ago

Basically it looks like LotR with more CGI action scenes and less good scenes

-Foxtrot1082d ago

How come a trailer of a film is a allowed on N4G but when it's something like, for example, "Nolan North talks about the Uncharted film" it's not "gaming news".

OpieWinston1082d ago

How do you bring up Uncharted in a Warcraft teaser video?

-Foxtrot1082d ago

It was an example of something which I remember failing for "not being gaming news" and "belongs on Filmwatch"

JackStraw1082d ago

Do you ever stop complaining?

BallsEye1082d ago

they're taking it to next level with teasing. Back in the day there were only trailers. As for Warcraft movie, first, there was a screenshot of a teaser of a trailer of the movie, now we just were presented with a teaser of a trailer of the movie, and hopefully soon we can FINALLY see a damn trailer that will tease us for the upcoming movie. I wonder what's next? Showing 1/3rd of an image as a teaser of a screenshot of a teaser of the trailer for the movie?

mopground1082d ago

I THINK teasers actually work better for making me want to actually see the movie. For example, the new james bond movie, the teaser was full of questions that i wanted to know the answer to and i said 'oh i wanna see this movie'. Then the trailer released and told me everything i needed to know.

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