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Rise of the Tomb Raider is, technically, Microsoft’s last big exclusive for the year. It’s a timed one, but also a game that will be exclusive to the platform for the next few months (and a whole year on console too). Following the stellar reboot, Crystal Dynamics has been working hard to ensure that Rise of the Tomb Raider builds onto what can become a gleaming franchise. We can’t say yet for sure if it achieves that, but the opening few hours are filled to the brim with promise.

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HairyKnees1269d ago

Sigh... I really wish I had Xbox for this :/ looks so purdy!

Genuine-User1269d ago (Edited 1269d ago )

Don't worry. It will also come to PC & PS4 next year.

On topic: Day one.

fulnattybrah1269d ago

who wants to wait a whole year?

thekhurg1269d ago


I will. Other games on the market that I'll be playing so I'll wait till it comes out on the PS4 instead of getting it right away for xbone.

Black0ut1269d ago

Up to you if you wanna wait a whole year...However, most people do not and will get this at christmas.

Simple really. Looks quite good so far!

Genuine-User1269d ago


People that don't have a choice or don't want a second console.

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UKmilitia1269d ago

loads of bad textures though,specially in rocks at start but i would prob put that on crappy youtube for now as i seen it looking better on gamesyde.

Letthewookiewin1269d ago (Edited 1269d ago )

@Fulnat- I have an X1 and would like to play this but I won't have time between The Drake Collection, Disgaea 5, Fallout 4, Tales, and BFront. So I don't have a problem waiting for the PS4 version or waiting till its 30$ on X1 later in 2016.

sweetgbus1269d ago

I recall your posting history and you are nothing but a troll. I wish people like you would just go away.

81BX1269d ago

Yep, kinda hard to be taken seriously once you let keyboard immunity get the best of you.

medman1269d ago (Edited 1269d ago )

I can wait....and if 2016 ends up being as packed with gaming goodness as it looks like it will be, I may pass on Tomb Raider completely. I guess if I really wanted it I could get it for my 360, as I don't have an xbox one yet, but I think not. I've got a huge backlog keeping me busy...I haven't even touched the Nathan Drake collection yet, and I've got so many smaller titles waiting to play it's ridiculous. Believe it or not, I haven't played Watch_Dogs yet and I picked it up on launch day!!!!

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ElleGee1269d ago

Man, this looks good. Like the last one..but better.

raggy-rocket1269d ago

Wow, to me it looks way better than I thought they could pull off tbh.

Fro_xoxo1269d ago

will be playing this next week? It really is next week.

Slinging arrows :D

GearSkiN1269d ago

Can't wait next week this game is mine for FREE!

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