EA's Cutesy Wutesy Unravel is Available for Pre-Order on PS4, and It's Dirt Cheap

EA's adorable adventure game Unravel is up on the PSN. It's also really cheap.

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DarkOcelet1262d ago

Thats a good price but when you said Dirt Cheap, i was expecting $1.99 or something :D

chrish19901262d ago

Sorry :( still pretty cheap. Need a chart for levels of cheapness...

On topic though, the way this was presented at E3 I assumed full retail package. Or has this been known a while?

DarkOcelet1262d ago

Well, its a small project so for it to cost 60$ is a way overkill.

Its not known, its just an assumption. 60$ is usually for AAA and movie cash in titles.

chrish19901262d ago

fair point, I just assumed this one would be 39.99 minimum, cus, you know, EA...

uth111262d ago

well it's $19.99 for the game, but it's EA wait until you see the price of all the downloadable yarn packs! /s

TWB1261d ago (Edited 1261d ago )

Yeah and Im still waiting if they are going to release it to retail. One online store I frequent has a few games listed for retail release that dont even have a proper release date let alone announcement of digital only/retail release.

Unravel is listed and it costs 60€ according to the store (but not released yet)

Just checked. They have boxed copies up for preorder for XBO and PS4 and it seems they settled on a price too. Though release day according to the page is 31.12.2016

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madworld1262d ago

Are kidding with me,, no it's not cheep,,,,cheep ha you made laugh 😁

UserNameIsNotTaken1262d ago

Whoa, $20 is a great price. Picking this up. surely!

Volkama1262d ago

Surprised at how long it is taking the big publishers to target this price point. With child of light, korra, and this it seems they are all testing the waters though.

Good news, not every game needs to be a $60 8-11 hour campaign (with collectables), a multiplayer mode, and a season pass.

Dlacy13g1262d ago

If its good I will get via EA Access and get a little more off the top (10%).

AgentSmithPS41262d ago

It looks nice but like all things EA I'll keep a safe distance and observe.

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