Analyst: Dark Knight No-Show Cost EA and Warner $100mln

Edge Online writes: "Wedbush Morgan analyst Michael Pachter says EA and Warner Bros. have missed out on $100 million in sales by deciding not to release a Dark Knight videogame alongside the $400 million box office smash movie.

While the Dark Knight movie has been breaking box office records and associated merchandise has been selling like hot cakes, EA, which has the rights to make a game based on the property, and franchise owner Warner Bros. have ensured that, for the first time in the film-franchise's history, a Batman movie has released without a videogame attached.

A Dark Knight game was in production at EA-owned Pandemic Studios, an EA manager told The Associated Press under terms of anonymity, while film star Gary Oldman said in a recent interview that he had seen a "tiny little piece" of the game."

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Silogon4345d ago

Batman needs to be realised on its own merits as a video game and not a movie tie in game. If they'd take Batman from the comics, write a story around him and set it in a medium build Gotham City, loaded with detail and things to keep you occupied in between missions, it'd kill.

We don't need a Giant City with nothing in it. We need a smaller scale city with plenty to do and plenty of detail. Cut ties with these junk movie tie ins and start making something worth consumers time.

The only way a batman game will work is if it is an original concept and open ended.

Aside from this, Batman Dark Knight, as good as it was didn't feel a whole lot like Batman to me, though. I thought Batman himself lacked presense and it just felt more like an Action movie than a Batman movie. It was almost like a Bourne movie or something. Tim Burton pinned Batman down with his looks, his attitude, the car and cave... Everything was spot on in Burton's 1st and 2nd movies.

It felt like Batman. The new one, while good movies, just don't feel like Batman to me.

JackBauerIsHIGH4345d ago

I agree with your statement about what a Batman game needs to have in order to be a great game, however your statements about Burton nailing the series down is downright ridiculous.

The new movies ARE Batman in every way, shape and form. The Burton films are just the idea of Batman dramatized with gothic ideas that aren't accurate to his history in the comics. The Nolan films are the comics brought to life.

thenickel4345d ago

The 1st time I saw the movie I was unimpressed but after seeing it a 2nd time I thought it was really good for some reason.

Silogon4345d ago (Edited 4345d ago )

I dunno man, Batman doesn't look a lot like Batman in the new films. Burton's Batman looked like Batman. I like the new films, don't get me wrong. Great films. They just seem more like action pieces than the source material I think.

We can agree to disagree and I respect your opinion and not saying you're wrong, cause the movies are fantastic. I just think Burtons were more comic book rooted. They had a vibrant look to them. Keaton also had the benifit of being both very well. Bruce and Batman... I don't believe Bale is that good of either. I hate to say that because he is good but he talks to gruff and deep alot of times and just comes off a tad overboard for my taste. There were times at the end when he sounded like he was out of breath from talking like that so much. Really. I was like, calm the hell down, buddy.

Keaton played a good split of both.

JackBauerIsHIGH4345d ago

I believe that he was actually out of breath in certain scenes, especially towards the end. You could tell that he was wore out from battling the cops and The Joker. As far as his voice, he's got to disguise his voice somehow. I think it sounds like it is described in the comics: a low-pitched hiss.

I'll agree that Keaton was a good, if not great, Batman. He was lacking as Bruce Wayne, however. Bale has had Bruce Wayne down even before he was Batman....American Psycho?

I do love the older movies because they were the first live-action Batman films I was introduced to. But for me they pale in comparison to the newer Batman films in every way imaginable.

Bleucrunch4345d ago

I agree with you too but you dont wnat E freakin A making it....then it will ruin the batman legacy.

deeznuts4345d ago

pardon me if I don't shed a tear for EA.

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CyberSentinel4345d ago

I will buy this game whenever it is released.
If it requires more time to be a better game, then so be it.
I can't wait for the DVD/BR of this movie.

GameDev4345d ago

says the xbot who slammed anything and everything sony and is now waiting for a BLURAY release.

lmao, xbutts = PWNED

Chris Hansen4345d ago

Michael Pachter is a douche bag

techwizz4345d ago

If EA pulls off a game even a tenth as good as the film as a result of delaying the release, then I will have leagues more respect for them. They have been doing a lot of quality stuff lately with the upcoming Dead Space, Left 4 Dead, Spore, and Mirror's Edge. A quality Batman game would make my knees weak.

smokeymicpot4345d ago

the game will probably get released when the dvd/blu-ray comes out

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