Rumor Killers: LittleBigPlanet to PC, Ghostbusters a PS3 exclusive, Crackdown 2?

LittleBigPlanet to PC, Ghostbusters a PS3 exclusive, Crackdown 2 and more in today's edition.

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Ichabod133723d ago

Does anyone know for sure if Sony still holds the license on the Ghostbusters IP ?

cain1413723d ago

I'm pretty sure they own something regarding it. I can't see the game being dropped on 360 after this much work has gone into it...

wiggles3723d ago (Edited 3723d ago )

I hear you about that....

but *IF* this rumor is true, I really can't see Sony letting it go to Microsoft if they own the license. That would be perhaps the worst decision Sony could ever make. It will be a shame to the entire 360 owner's out there especially after how good this game looks.

TheHater3723d ago

yeah, Sony owns the movie right to this game. But the game right, isn't own by them

wiggles3723d ago

Ohh then disregard that last comment :)

TOSgamer3723d ago

Maybe 3 months to 6 months. Which would give Terminal Reality time to find a publisher for the 360 version.

Ichabod133723d ago

Thing is, if sony publishes the won't come to the 360. Or, it could be the first time a Sony/MS published game ended up on the competition. Ubisoft, Activision or EA would be smart to pickup this title and publish it. Quick and easy money. :P

cain1413723d ago


Activision was the one who dropped it...

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cain1413723d ago

I can't see little big planet going to PC... That just doesn't seem like sony's buisness model...

Enigma_20993723d ago

it's no different than a 360 game being released for the PC as well... so I have no problem seeing them go this route.

what I gaurantee that you WON'T see, obviously, is a 360 port...

Enigma_20993723d ago

... well, it looks like there are at least THREE 360 owners that want to play it...

How's it feel to want, fellas?

cain1413723d ago

I really liked the first crackdown. Give it to Realtime Worlds... They did well with the first one...

Ichabod133723d ago

Crackdown was a game I bought for the free halo and ended up loving it. I still own it and someday I'll go back and find all the orbs. :P

Zerodin3723d ago

Nothing flat out confirmed or busted!

krakdol3723d ago

Another Xbot rumor crushed, as usual... LBP will be forever exclusive to PS3, sorry.

Zerodin3723d ago

They can't deny or confirm.

SuKiT3723d ago

You can keep LBP. Enjoy the dolls LOL

SuKiT3723d ago

Why the disagrees? So you do not want to keep it exclusive or you will not enjoy playing with the dolls? Which is it?

krakdol3723d ago (Edited 3723d ago )

Yeah, I'll keep the game of the year, and you'll keep Banjo and Pinata your 2 only games of 2008. That's the way it works, you loose and we win.

Just remember LBP was elected game of the E3 at E3 2008. On the other hand, Too Human is generally considered crappy, and so are Banjo and Pinatool.

You fail.

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