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Dashing Nerd Greg takes a look at the long awaited 5 direct installation of the Halo franchise!

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Foehammer1262d ago (Edited 1262d ago )

Hail to the King baby

Great review:

"Halo has always been on top graphically for each generation of the Xbox, and Guardians is no exception."

"343 has killed it with its latest entry, but I would expect nothing less from the premier developers for Microsoft’s elite franchise."

Not surprised that Metacritic shows 80 review with just 6 below a score of 80, 32 scores in the 90s.

Meninblack71262d ago

Sadly only metascore 85 - no GOTY material. That's almost as bas Gran Turismo 5.

SquidBuck1261d ago

"As bad" lmao this site and it's fanboys cmth up

christocolus1261d ago

Lmao. This must piss you off so much Meninblack. GOTY material or not The game will keep selling millions and making MS and 343i even more cash. lol. you guys keep saying the most hilarious things.

DashingNerds1262d ago

I think it could still be up for GOTY because of the lineage

Masterofwiiu3ds1261d ago

The lineage...I guess that explains the 9.5 score?

I picked it up last week and played through the campaign, it was okay, but nothing great. Got tired of fighting that same boss like 7 or 8 times.

Masterofwiiu3ds1261d ago

Nah - it was more than 3 times. Either way, it's not that good of a game. I wanted it to be better. There are too many issues. No split screen coop. Short story. Same boss over and over and over again. Ending sucked. Locke was a lame character. Microtransactions. No Forge (FINISH the game before you release it!). The list goes on. I don't "bash" it to bash it. I do it because I know it could be better, and we deserve better.

I didn't buy the newest Destiny because I won't support a company who releases a beta, charges full price, then released a finished game a year later, again, at full price. Why? Because we deserve better. And by saying "this is sooooo great!" we tell the game companies that this is good enough. When it isn't. (and this is coming from a guy who spent 300 hours in Destiny and REALLY wants to play the new content)

I am not a huge fan of the Witcher (at least, so far) but at least they put every effort into making it as good as they could. Same with MGSV, Arkham Knight, and Bloodborne.

Halo 5 was rushed out for this holiday season. It's short. It's missing things that will come later. It's inexcusable, and we, as gamers, should demand better.

spicelicka1261d ago

I still think it's better than any FPS out there right now in terms of content and value. The story may have been short but at least it wasn't an interactive movie like almost every shooter in the market.

etownone1261d ago

Game of the Year will so far be Witcher 3.

While Halo 5 is my favorite game this gen so far.
I really don't understand how this game can score anything under a 90. The game is damn near perfect.

Black0ut1261d ago

Not to rain on anyone's parade but there is still Fallout 4 and Tomb Raider to release. Those two alone are very big hitters.

Anyway, back to Halo 5 bashing because that's what the majority of N4G's user base is doing (click top news for example).

FlexLuger1261d ago

YO....I am mollywopping everything on warzone right now. Got some serious highlight reel footage, to drop into my feed (once I work out how to record in the NXOE dashboard..been too engorossed in the game to figure it out)...

in the last hour I have had an epic sword VS shot gun face off ..That guy wont forget it...felt so personal ya know?one fataliy missed shot by lunge by me...he somehow manages to jump out the way...ourt backs turned to each other..I notice hes reloading...I spin..and head to him..and swooooom...I Zworded him good and proper...

I took down three guys one after the other..I swear one of em was the guy I Zworded...the map was storm break..there are these plat foorms along the outer perimter toward the east wing if you are heading from the fortress...first one got a jab of the zword..he tried to hide behind this large crate but I just went over the top and jumped down on him with the zword(Thats my pet name for the plasma sword btw)...second one got his shield cracked to which he tried to jump out of the way of..but I scoped in while jumping..thusters, steadying my descent and took his head off with one clean shot from the DMR..clean and calm...Gave me the chills.....the third was a bit more cautious...tried to cat and mouse between the cover..he backed out onto the open part of the platform and we exchanged a few missed shots...but I cracked his tried to jet dodge to get space but I was one step ahead...I jet dashed towards him then Zliced him with the Zword...

I love this game. I m gong to stay up and play it until I unlock A sexy armour set and some weapon skins for my default weapons. And get some epic footage for my xbox feed..

I got the vids of all this, guys so yes...its official..I am a halo war beast! I cant be stopped on halo. I may have started a week later than everybody else on this game, but my skill has come so far in such a short time. Its wonderful. :)

Bobafret1261d ago

Steadily getting better, will hopefully have some of my own clips worth showing off.

iistuii1261d ago

I'm a coop guy. I love Halo, but I'm crap at MP. These kids are too fast for me. Yet I do enjoy Warzone as I tend to last longer on that..

Trekster_Gamer1261d ago

I enjoyed the Single Player Campaign immensely!

I don't do multiplayer saying that I felt like it was worth every penny to me.

otherZinc1261d ago

I agree, I only play single player. I'm on my second playthrough & there's no way you can experience this game in 1 playthrough. No way.

It is without a doubt my goty. I'll play multiplayer to try it, in a few days.

Great score.

carlosstyles1261d ago

The master of FPS yes baby!!!

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