Iron Man Soars onto Blu-ray; Full Details and Cover Art

HDR has the full details on the Iron Man Blu-ray including cover art.

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PS360WII4353d ago

I do not understand why this package will be two BluRay discs. I do believe this is why BR is here to stop all this extra disc usage...?

PirateThom4353d ago

1 disc for the movie with less compression
1 disc for bonus features with less compression

4353d ago
TMRBac4353d ago

It takes extra space to maximize the audio and video bitrate. Also, there are extras on disc one in addition to the movie also presented in HD.

If none of the extras were in HD this would likely be a single-disc set.

PS360WII4353d ago

but still ;)

I do like the Hall of Armor feature. That sounds cool

Zerodin4353d ago

I can buy the DVD, and a few issues of the comic book!

TOSgamer4353d ago

Put it in your blog and see if anyone gives a damn.

juuken4353d ago

You sure hate the PS3 don't you.

PirateThom4353d ago

Or you could stop being a prick and watch it in HD and see how much better it is over DVD.

NegativeCreep4274353d ago (Edited 4353d ago )

and go buy yourself the standard DVD and some comics.

Why bother everyone else with your stupid, biased shopping habits?

4353d ago
4353d ago
Solid_Snake6664353d ago

took the words right out of my mouth

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kalistyles4353d ago

I'm sure you can. You can also have an inferior version too! :)

Zerodin4353d ago

It's gotta be tough justifying all the money you wasted.

lodossrage4353d ago

That word, "justify" is being thrown around far too much these days. Tell me zerodin, how did you "justify" at now defunct HD dvd brand you poured your heart and soul in? And how do you "justify" buying your 360 for the fourth time?

Bombibomb4353d ago

Damn Zerodin the failed abortion just got OWNED!

juuken4353d ago

Zerodin...does your hatred on the PS3 give you a turn on or something? What the f*ck is your problem? You know, I've heard a lot of 360 fanatics say they have so many games to play and yet most of them always find something negative to attack the PS3 for. Did Sony rape your sister or something? Did they rape you mom?

Grow the f*ck up.

You give some good-minded 360 owners a bad name.

morganfell4353d ago

Zerodin, here is how much smarter any PS3 fan is than you. We know what we are paying for up front and acknowledge it. Whereas idiots like you are either oblivious to the additional costs to make the 360 a full experience of else they are aware of it and just living in denial. Your post alone shows what an imbecile you are and verifies your stupidity is without bounds. Allow me to quote myself since you are obviously worth little more than that:

"Another drone living in denial, shelling out his 50 bucks a year and sticking his head in the sand. It is a common sense deduction but when your head is down and buried all we see is your exposed ass...which is what you have been showing.

What is puzzling is how eternally ignorant xbots are composed of all the school dunces that flunked math. Someone should conduct a study on that fact...

I bought my launch 360 for $399. Then I allowed for at least 4 years of Live since MS drops their consoles AND customers at that point so now I am up to $599. Then I added a next gen movie player...that lost the war because MS was stupid. That brought me up to $778. Then I decided I wanted the play and charge kit. That was another $19. That took me to $797. With taxes I was over $800.

Do I need to keep going and talk about how I was forced to buy the proprietary charge kit from MS instead of an industry standard USB cable I had laying around at the house?

Do I need to talk about how there was only one wireless headset available (two if you count colors and a HALO logo - whoopty do) and it was proprietary instead of an industry standard?

Do I need to talk about how I had to pay a fortune for a BS 120GB HDD instead of an industry standard that was half the price for twice the storage?

Do I need to talk about how I had to spend money on a WiFi attachment instead of having one built in?

Do I need to talk about how Microsoft's utterly stupid DRM policy ripped me off for items I had purchased for a year and a half? When the DRM fix was finally available I still have roughly $80 worth of items that are still not available. Of the ones I do have 3 of the most prominent are for games no one plays any longer. That makes the value of those items forfeited by me en toto.

And I won't mention that out of 3 months lost of Live time as I awaited the return of consoles, MS only reimbursed me for 1. Put that in your crack pipe and smoke it. Another $100 pissed away.

While I am talking standards, do I need to mention the lack of an HDMI on my launch 360? I guess the fact 3 of them died until I got a 4th model is some sort of HDMI blessing in disguise. That is, after all, the sort of idiot logic you espouse.

You really need to keep your trap shut before you make a bigger ass of yourself. Imbeciles like you that think trigonometry is a painful knee condition should avoid any console debates relating to the expense of a full gaming experience."

psycho3604353d ago (Edited 4353d ago )


You sound more like a pissed off guy then a gamer girl. My experience with girls atleast educated / decent ones are that they dont throw around curse words like avg guys and also they also dont like guys who curse so much. And dont even mention the R word that u just let out without much thought to it. Even teh worst of them wouldn't use this kind of language. I feel you're a lonely guy who wished he was a girl (u know the one with born in wrong body).

juuken4353d ago (Edited 4353d ago )

Psycho...f*ck you.

When I get pissed off with 360 fanatics, I tend to curse. It's amusing how you assume that just because I'm a girl, I can't curse. Some girls would also like to run around in skimpy outfits and run around acting like they're all that. As for me, I'm a gamer, and I like gaming. I also like to put people in their damn places when they talk crap.

So if you have a problem with that, I can't help you there.

If I was a male, I would have come out and said that. You don't know me very well so don't judge me.

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chaosatom3334353d ago (Edited 4353d ago )

ps3 = blue-ray, so it counts :)

don't tell me this is spam.

U know what is spam VGcharts, or comparsion videos or blogs that are put up by anyone.

Those are spams.

TheTwelve4353d ago


Going to see if I can find this on amazon right now...


jwatt4353d ago

There are a lot of great summer movies that would be good on Blu Ray, you got Iron man, The Hulk, Wanted, Kung fu panda, and most definitely Dark Night.

Bombibomb4353d ago

Can't wait to pick this up on HD-DVD for my 360! Oh wait..

n4gzz4353d ago

I didn't like this movie but I want Dark Knife on BLUE RAY :D

cmrbe4353d ago

for sure but Iron man is also a great movie. It was such a surprise. This year goes down as one of the best movie year for me. The Hulk was pretty good as well. Much, much better than the previous. Darkknight is a masterpiece though.

FordGTGuy4353d ago

its called Blu-Ray not Blue-Ray.

n4gzz4353d ago

I didn't know that i was in english class.

Bubble Buddy4352d ago

My favorite superhero on blu-ray? Done deal.

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