Update on PAIN trophies and expansion

PAIN producer Travis Williams from the Playstation Blog has some new information about the upcoming PAIN trophies and the new amusement park coming on 4th September.

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LiquifiedArt4350d ago (Edited 4350d ago )

Whats up with making trophies so damn hard to get..
Gold: 1 Billion Points
Bronze: 10 Million Points

It took me ages to get over 1.5million, By making trohpies so hard to get your ruining the idea of COLLECTING them. Thats what makes them fun. They are Achieveable with alittle dedication to expand your collection not Near Impossible. It does not become fun anymore. Whatever. Same with Eden from level 7 and up the Game goes from Smooth and challenging to FRUSTRATION soup with a Side of "F U".


GamerMan4350d ago (Edited 4350d ago )

That he is taking the trohpy system and using it as a real award system for accomplishing amazing feats in his game. Trophies are an addition to the game. They are not the game and do not make or break the game. The game should be fun without trophies and it is. I wasted an entire night throwing the guys around and wanting to punch the mime instead of throwing it. :)

Point is, the game is fun and is about being fun. Your just to worried about getting trophies and if trophies are that important to you then you aren't about gaming. You are just about bragging about look what I have. I enjoy and have fun with every game. If I get an award while having fun so be it. I'm not going to waste my life spending time to get a trophy.

Also, they are better bragging rights if you do get them, if that is so important to you. They are designed as trophies that are doable according to the developer. Consider it a different level in the game called CRAZY which the developer openly admits that he is.

SilPho4350d ago

I feel that trophies should generally be quite tough, PixelJunk Eden does this quite well. Uncharted's trophies are for the most part quite easy.

Pain... as long as some of them aren't stupidly hard to get, I'm cool with that. The "Explode a girl 500 times" one I like, it's not easy, but as long as you play the game, you'll get it eventually.

SmokeyMcBear4350d ago

amen gamerman.. amen. Damn achievement/trophy whores are ruining it. Trophies should actually mean something. Remember when you were a kid.. those stupid medals for participation.. absolute crap. A trophy actually mean something.. that you were a champion. I think trophies are going the right path, so when you see a trophy.. you actually think it took some time to get and was awarded.. not given out for participation.

LiquifiedArt4350d ago

Should be "Fun and Challenging" But Attainable.

Should NOT be "Nigh Impossible", or "Luck Driven" or a "Detrement to persuading people to colledct them"

By creating such unbalance trophies and such far stretches your getting people who are gonna start to say "Forget this, I did this once in SSHD and once in Eden I'm not dealing with this CHORE again"

Hence you've turn a FUN expereince into a FRUSTRATING one.

Poor Design choices.

Clap Your Hands4350d ago

When he sang "Cry me a river"!


LiquifiedArt4350d ago

I have all the Hardcore Trophies. I'm already teh "ELITE IDIOT" if you will.

I'm making an argument for the more Average gamer. So your statement is moot.

Clap Your Hands4350d ago

Bronze - Easy
Silver - Normal
Gold - Hard

Finishing a game on hard is not something everyone can do. And some will find it frustrating... but it does not make it unfair. These player just have to settle for only getting silver trophies.

Kirstenlottesovs4350d ago

just a hands up here, taken from the link..:
"The BILLION points is a cumulative point trophy. So after the trophy patch is installed we will tally your points until you reach a BILLION you won't have to do that in one launch! It's a long term trophy. I hope that clears things up a bit. It's hard because you have to keep at it NOT because you have to score this in one shot. That would be beyond difficult and into INSANE. Yes I did admit I was crazy but not INSANE."

Nodoze4350d ago

They have teased the amusement park level for MONTHS!! What the hell is taking so long to release a SINGLE level?

I hope it plays better than it looks, as the videos from E3 looked OK at best (nothing amazing mind you).