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A review of one of the most anticipated games of the year.

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FlexLuger1266d ago

after finally playing it for myself today (jet lag was not gonna stop me!)...whoa! Stop being shy. give the game a 10. it deserves it. Warzone is everthing. arena is everything. Aint touched the story yet as I want to play on legendary with my buddies.

But the MP modes kill every FPS on my xbox right now.Easy!

Foehammer1266d ago (Edited 1266d ago )

"Even with the imperfections, the story of the campaign shines through as just sheer pleasure. You feel as though you are the dominating force on the field. It’s a testament to how far the developers at 343 have come. The shooting is fast, smooth and accurate. The 60 Frames Per Second (FPS) goes a long way into making the game feel snappy and responsive."

Great review for a great game.

Congrats to 343, already #1 in the UK charts.

Very impressive when you consider just 6 reviews out of 80 are scored less then 80, and well over 30 reviews are in the 90s.

Meninblack71266d ago

Yes, number 1 in UK with 150k sold - without a doubt the worst selling main Halo ever. Halo 2 and 3 sold so much better with around same install base. I guess Halo is not so big anymore. At least in UK.

spicelicka1266d ago

Honestly best multiplayer this gen. People literally don't know how to play halo which is why they won't understand until they learn it.

Lean to STRAFE people! You cannot stand in one place and shoot like you do in other shooters. GRENADES whenever you have the chance, remember physics class and bounce them off the walls so you don't lose cover.

And lastly MELEE when you're close enough, don't spray the BR when you're close enough to melee.

Bobafret1266d ago

My k/d is currently awful, and I have played every Halo since CE. I really need to get it together or else I won't enjoy this too much.

GearSkiN1266d ago

You jus prob haven't played in awhile... Slow down it is halo we playin 😉

Sciurus_vulgaris1266d ago

The game is not a 10 for me and I've been playing Halo since Combat Evolve. I give the singe-player an 8.0 due to the cut-scenes, combat, levels and set pieces. The story and redundant boss fights brought down the campaign for me . They did nail the mp (which still needs some tweaking), I can see myself playing the game for months,so I personally rate it a 9.

FlexLuger1266d ago

"The game is not a 10 for me and I've been playing Halo since Combat Evolve"

We should attach a sticky nade to you and launch you from a man-cannon into deep space for saying that... jus playin! ;) . So far I just been playing MP and Im hooked! I need to go tescos and get some snacks before my boys get online..I need snacks and a couple beers!