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Just Dance 2016 is both fun and an excellent form of exercise. The song selection has a wide variety of songs that span over several decades. Many of the songs are safe for all ages, but some of them have strong sexual themes that make this a difficult game to recommend. If you’re unsure, there is a free demo available.

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Alexious1266d ago

This seems a really cool game!

Nerdmaster1266d ago (Edited 1266d ago )

I've been buying all Just Dance games since JD 2, and this one has the worst tracklist of them all.

EDIT: This site is named "Christ Centered Gamer"? It's a "Christian game review site"? WTF?

ccgr1264d ago

The track list is bad because they want you to subscribe to the unlimited service.

CCG reviews games on two fronts by how fun the game is and by how family friendly it is. Some of the suggestive tracks lowered the moral score of the game.