Rare dev would love to bring back Dinosaur Planet

Speaking to at last week's Develop conference in Brighton, Rare senior software engineer Nick Burton revealed that one Rare title he'd love to see released on today's hardware is Dinosaur Planet - an N64 title that never saw the light of day.

"... I would have loved to have seen Dinosaur Planet see the light of day as Dinosaur Planet, because I had so much emotionally invested in that because it was my first game," said Burton. "It was strong in its own right. Undoubtedly it was commercially more successful because it had Star Fox in it. Anybody who says it was any other way is delusional in my mind. But it was a very strong IP."

He continued: "On the N64 at any rate, technically we were pushing it too far, even more than Conker did, so much so that it would have been too slow in some places. But it had a wonderful ambience that only the team have ever seen, almost this haunting mythical ambience to a lot of it, especially to the snow and ice worlds, that you could capture so well with today's hardware but unfortunately it's probably one of those things that's locked in limbo."

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BlackIceJoe3727d ago

That is cool to see Rare wants to finish Dinosaur Planet. I would love to see what Rare had in store for Dinosaur Planet. Star Fox Adventures was great when Rare made it back on the Gamecube. I just would have loved to seen what Rare would have had in store for Dinosaur Planet if they did not change the game to a Star Fox game.

One thing I wonder about what becomes of Krystal. Krystal was changed for the Gamecube version so would Rare be allowed to use her original form and would Rare have to change her name. So I can see how it might be hard for Rare to bring out Dinosaur Planet. But at the same time I would love them too. Rare makes some pretty good games and I have no doubt this one would be good too.

Rhezin3727d ago

makes those 360 exclusives